About Us

Hubtechinfo is one such amazing online platform where you can get latest technology news. Our main aim is to make sure that latest and unique information related to innovative technologies is shared so that maximum number of people can benefit.

Not only latest technology news, but we also want to make sure that you are able to learn more about social media and website design. Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and Tesla are always innovating and we want you to grab encouraging information related to latest innovations made by these incredible online companies.

Do you want to free yourself from the regular and boring office jobs? If, yes, then read excellent tips on how to earn money online, social media marketing tips, content marketing strategies and much more.

We always believe in sharing tips and tricks that are practical and also wish to add more members to our community of bloggers. When a team of highly motivated people work together, they produce great results.

The idea to start hubtechinfo.com originated in April’2015 when I was looking to do something creative and original. I have been writing blogs for several websites but having my own Tech blogging website was something that I wish to pursue gladly. 

My website hubtechinfo.com is based on WordPress TechMod theme. It is free to use and loads quickly. I keep on adding more content to the website so that the hunger for gain more knowledge gets satisfied.

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