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Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumours, Release Date, Expectations and Leaks

There are many Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumours which have flooded the market. Let us try to find more about these possible rumours. The Samsung Galaxy S8 was announced in March 2017 and was finally available in April 2017, a later

Ways to hide and protect your private data on your Android based Smartphone

how to save and protect data on Android phone

All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret. So far the concern is one’s private or secret life; there are things that one might not wish to share with anyone. So, in today’s post, I am going to

Top 10 Android Smartphones Under 40K

Moto X Force

Those, who want freedom of sharing data, easy updates and access to millions of free apps, they should buy Android smartphones. Android offers its support for many smart devices. Companies are developing smart watches, tabs and smartphones that use Android

6 Best Video Editing Apps on Android

Best Video Editing Apps on Android

Today, the camera that one carries in the phone has multi-tasking functions. People record videos as well as click images with the help of their mobile cameras. Like Android has some mind blowing picture editing apps, similarly it has also

Incredible Health and Fitness Apps on Android

Health and Fitness apps

Health and Fitness apps are latest fad. As the name goes smart phones are becoming way to smart anybody could have ever imagined. From browsing to playing games everything is just a click away, why not health? Yes, hard to