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Expect the Unexpected from Apple Iphone 7

iphone 7

Here comes the iPhone 7 that you have been waiting for! Apple iPhone has always been a topic of speculation in the market; be it the first time apple launched its first iPhone model or be it the last phone

Do you know about these incredible iOS 9 tips?

iOS 9 Tips

iOS 9 has come with new and enhanced features which has boosted the performance of Apple’s devices. These new features allow the user to complete tasks smartly. Let’s have a look at some of the iOS 9 tips which will

6 iOS apps to protect your Photos and Videos

iOS apps

When it comes to searching best iOS apps there are plenty of amazing options that are available. These days one of the most imperative features that one considers before purchasing a Smartphone is the amount of mega pixel that its

Incredible Health and Fitness Apps on Android- A Must Try

Health and Fitness apps

Health and Fitness apps are latest fad. As the name goes smart phones are becoming way to smart anybody could have ever imagined. From browsing to playing games everything is just a click away, why not health? Yes, hard to