nokia 6 smartphone

There is something really interesting about Nokia 6 Smartphone!

Nokia 6 Smartphone has recently hit the Chinese market and surprised the world of technology with over one million registrations on its first flash sale on January 19th.  It showed beyond doubt that people still have faith in the old giant of telecom which achieved great appreciation for its durable mobile phones. Since the windows […]

Nokia P1 Smartphone

What all we can expect from Nokia’s Flagship Android Smartphone P1?

Nokia demonstrated how powerful and reliable brand it is with over one million registrations for the recently launched Nokia 6 on its first flash sale on January 19th in China. After the unsuccessful acquisition of Nokia mobile phone business by Microsoft, Nokia mobile phones are coming back to the market through HMD Global which is […]

advantages of virtual reality

Top 10 incredible advantages of Virtual Reality

The term Virtual reality is a latest technology that gained huge importance not only in the field of video games, but also hold vast potential to alter the future of several other fields including medicine, architecture, business, manufacturing sectors and so on. Especially, in recent days, understanding the uses of Virtual reality, psychologists and other […]

hidden Whatsapp features

10 Hidden WhatsApp Features – User May Not be Aware of their Presence

  If we talk about latest tech tips then anything related to Whatsapp is always welcome. There are some hidden Whatsapp features which many people are not aware of. It’s not contestable that WhatsApp is now the messaging platforms king. Recent reports show that the Facebook-owned messaging platform has now over a billion users. But how […]

Free browser

Awesome New Web Free Browser Citrio with Multiple Features

Internet today with the help of free browser is experiencing a dynamic change and great progression. The users of internet are compared to the stars in the galaxy. We see every day the popping up of new websites and social media. The introduction of new technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 has greatly added to ease […]

website design

A winning website design is based on extraordinary tips

Are you planning to go for an amazing website design? Earlier, attractive images and catchy headlines were the main elements of a winning website design. But now the time has changed, there are several factors which play a vital role in designing a website. You need to carefully work on every single element used in […]

Biofeedback devices for health

7 Ways Using Biofeedback Devices Could Drastically Improve Your Health

Diagnosing, treating or even preventing severe physical conditions have now become an easy task. This takes place through the biofeedback devices which are used for the discovery of bio-markers or physical indications of all that takes place inside the human body. The diagnosing biofeedback devices use sensors or electrodes to analyse and learn about the […]