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4 Best Alternatives to Insightly for Small Businesses

Insightly has been hailed as one of the fastest growing and most evolved platforms for solutions such a CRM. Yet, there are a number of alternatives to Insightly that would be a good fix if you are not looking for the full suite of functions. So that are the Insightly alternatives? Let us first talk about CRM before we get into that debate!

Before we launch into a full-fledged discussion about the top 4 CRM platforms that would suit small businesses, it would be worthwhile to cast a glance on the various things that a CRM platform offers you – or rather, the various problems that a CRM platform fixes for you, your small business and its small customer group.

  • Management of Contact information: When you are talking a CRM software, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that all your contacts and their information are closely contained in a single place that helps you tap into the information at your will so that you can use the same for the varied functions within your small business and the CRM software itself. Did you also know that the management of such information also includes eliminating all duplicate information that can easily play havoc with the processes in the CRM pipeline? That’s right!
  •  Lead Generation and Nurturing: Another very prominent function of any CRM platform or software is the lead management aspect of it. When you sign up for CRM, the management of contacts and the management of leads are like two sides of a very vital coin, which is almost like the currency for your small business growth. You would not only have to interact with and keep your existing customers happy, but you will also have to actively generate new leads to turn them into your customers. This is something that the Insightly alternative may also do.
  • Social Media Management: More often than not, most CRM platforms and software would offer you the chance to manage your social media well and from one place without having to change platforms. This would include creation and scheduling of posts for various social media pages and platforms so that you are able to monitor, queue up and measure the ROI or the insights on all these platforms to know where your maximum effort and push should be.
  • Emails: When you are able to track and send out emails in an automated way, you can consider that half your job is done. This is especially true for the small business owner who is looking to gain a foothold and also bring in a strong presence with relevant brand recall in the given niche. With a proper CRM platform like Insightly or even the alternatives to Insightly, you get a number of such tools that helps you automate how your emails go out – be it introductory emails or even other kinds of notifications. Once this has been done, you can also track the emails and ensure that they reach the right place.
  • Other Tasks: Whether it is tasks or deals or simply asking your prospect or customer to fulfill the next call for action, you can always be sure that the automated structure of the CRM will always be on hand to help you tide over such issues so that you save time and other resources as you do so.

The Best 4 Insightly Alternatives

  • EngageBay: One of the first and best Insightly alternative would be the EngageBay platform that gives you the full suite of functions. Not only do you get email automation, but you also gain a strong foothold in your industry thanks to the marketing automation which takes your digital marketing game to a whole other level. Landing pages along with training and support as well as proper help desk helps you in keeping track of your activities even as you can always be sure of receiving the support that you require when you need it the most!
  • ActiveCampaign: This is the next platform which tries to fill in as the alternative to Insightly. Now, with Active Campaign, you get a number of features that can be very helpful for the small business and its crucial growth. You can use their features to generate and nurture leads even as you get to make your prospects aware about why they should be using your services and products. This also helps you in getting conversions through SMS and Commerce among other tools as well.
  • MooSend: This is a platform that gives you a number of features which also make it an average alternative Insightlytool. The main focus of this platform is emails wherein it helps you create and distribute emails for contact and lead management.
  • Convert Kit: The focus of Covert Kit is again on email marketing as one of the foremost methods of lead generation, nurturing and other forms of conversion via email.

When we talk about the alternatives to Insightly, without a doubt it is EngageBay which takes the cake with a full suite of services!

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