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Everyone thinks that trading the crypto market is one the easiest task in the world. People start investing money without having any prior knowledge related to the crypto trading industry. They keep on buying the asset at the deep and lose a significant portion of their capital. To become successful in the crypto trading industry, you need to learn some important factors. Without developing strong technical and fundamental skills, you will never learn to execute high-quality trades in the market.

Though you can follow many predetermined trading plans, it is best to use your trading technique. For that, you need to use a demo account. In this post, we are going to discuss the top four critical stages you need to overcome as a cryptocurrency trader. Follow this article as you will learn a lot about the trading industry.

1.   Setting up a demo account

To learn the basics, you need to set up a demo account. Without having access to the demo account, it will be tough to develop your basic knowledge. Try to understand the role of support and resistance level so that you can open new trades at the most critical condition of the market. Learn about the importance of trend trading strategy and find out how the retracement affects the trend. Once you get the basic knowledge about this market, you should be able to develop your trading strategy.

During the strategy development phase, you should never look for any shortcut method. Many retail traders try to copy other people trading systems and eventually make things worse. Curate your trading system based on your personality as it will help you to sync with this market. Once you are well versed with the demo account then you can create a real account and you can send and receive bitcoin instantly

2.   Selecting the broker

Being a cryptocurrency trader, you should choose professional brokers like Saxo. Without choosing a good broker in the trading industry, it will be tough to overcome the obstacles at trading as you will face many technical problems. The low-class broker might give you access to the high leverage trading account but you will not get any real benefit. A high leverage trading account is one of the prime causes for which traders are losing money.

The broker which you will select must be well regulated. It should have a strong reputation in offering service or else you should not trade with them. If required, you may seek help from the professional trader and learn more about the broker selection process.

3.   Trading with real money

After selecting the broker, you can start trading with real money. But at the initial stage, you should start your trading career with small capital. Never expect that you will become a millionaire within a short time just because you have a professional trading strategy. You need to learn the proper way to deal with emotional stress. Try to keep the risk factor as low as possible as it will allow you to endure the losing trades. Focus on the fundamental details of the market so that you can scale your trade at the critical stage.

Learning to deal with the crypto news might seem tough. However, novice crypto trader can start following a reputed economic news site and read analyses from professional traders. This will give him a clear insight into this market.

4.   Dealing with the losing trades

In the fourth stage, you need to learn to deal with the losing trades. If the loss amount is very big, you will become emotionally upset and thus you will keep breaking the rules. But to protect your trading capital, you should gain control over your emotions. Try to trade with a high risk to reward ratio so that you don’t have to work hard to recover the losing trades. Never focus on revenge trading or increase the lot size just to cover up the losses. Stick to the core system and try to improve your trading skills.

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