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How to make an app like Uber in 2022

The process of app development, like an Uber app, takes up a lot of time and money, in the first place. Sometimes, the cost can run up to such a huge amount, the app development process becomes expensive. You will need a backend, a well-functioning front end, and so many other moving parts in the app to make it work perfectly.

So, what does it take if we want to build an app like the Uber app in 2022? Let us take a brief look at the process.

Properties to look at

Before we understand the process of building an Uber-like app, let us understand the features the currently existing app offers:

  • The app offers rides at cost-effective rates.
  • Cost-friendly rides for upto five people.
  • Booking premium rides using luxury cars.
  • Inclusion of car seats for young kids.
  • Availability of cars that can accommodate wheelchairs for disabled patients.

The most important factor for an app development process is the development of MVP. MVP is the Minimum Viable Product. 

Components of the app

The app is going to work as a bridge that connects the passengers with the respective drivers. Therefore, the app will have the following components:

  1. App for the Drivers:

In this section, the driver will be able to indicate their location, find the correct match, and get paid services. The features will include real-time ride requests along with scheduled requests, details of the trip to monitor payments. 

  • App for the Passengers:

This module will allow the passenger to reserve the taxi service within their specified location. The features here will include finding the right driver and real-time updates of the incoming ride. It could also include security verification of the driver’s profile and a user-friendly payment gateway.

  • Administrative panel:

The owner of the app will use the administrative panel and it will be a web-based interface. Because of this, it will be available to use from any regular browser. The administrative panel will be an important part to make the app a carpooling app. The features will be customizable from the driver and passenger’s point of view. It will provide detailed access to the report and app analytics. 

Features of the app for passengers:

Basic attributes:

  • Geolocation and routing
  • Make calls or send texts to the driver from the app
  • States of the ride
  • Cost calculation for the ride
  • Payment gateway
  • Push notifiers
  • Profile registration and management of the personal data

Advanced attributes:

  • Reservation of the ride for others
  • Advanced scheduling for the ride
  • Splitting up the ride costs within the riding companions

Features of the app for drivers:

Basic attributes:

  • Reporting of the driver
  • Optimized route management
  • ‘activity/inactivity’ option
  • daily /monthly reports of the reservations and earnings.
  • Geolocation and routing
  • Making calls/sending texts to the passenger from the app
  • State of the ride
  • Estimation of the cost for the requested ride
  • Push notifiers
  • Registration and management of the personal data
  • Personal profile creation

Advanced attributes:

  • Cost-free cancellation of the ride within a specific time.
  • Smart reporting and generation of a heatmap.

Various steps to develop an Uber-like app

Let us look at the steps to develop a mobile app:

  1. Select a company with which you can develop and design the app:

In this phase, you must spend a significant amount of time to find a app development companies that will allow collaboration. Through this collaboration, you can have the company’s cooperation for the app you are going to develop. Ensure that you sign an Independent Contractor Agreement. 

  • Understand and conduct a product discovery:

Define the vision of your app. The original app may contain the existing features, but you can modify or add new features within your app. Spend time to define the goals of the product and its target audience. List out the features that are centric to your app MVP. Find out the right platforms where your app will be able to function optimally. Specify the monetization options for the app. 

  • Design the UI/UX of the app:

Development of the user’s journey, clickable wire frames, graphical user interfaces, while including the motion design. This section will design the kind of experience the users of the app will have. 

  • Kick off the project:

It is important to make sure that the owner of the product knows the development team and vice versa. This section very clearly defines the role of every individual in the team. It also includes the steps to be taken next and the configuration of the tools.You must define the correct environment for the project to help it evolve correctly.

  • Conducting the quality assurance tests for the app:

This is continuous integration that includes planning, code, develop and conducting testing procedures. Here, it becomes imperative to develop quality measures and steps to ensure quality within the app. The testing modes will include manual and automated testing procedures. Teams involved with the development should follow the Scrum framework. Each development module should be divided into smaller iterations. 

  • Development and publication of the app in the respective app stores:

Publishing the app on the Google Play store and Apple app store includes uploading the app. This will also include promotional materials and efforts,and beta testing procedures. Product page optimization will also be part of the process to smoothen out the entire process. A well-defined launch would be elemental to define the app’s success. 

  • Post-development maintenance and updation:

Finding out the bugs and crashes within the app, enhancement of the product, and increased development will happen here. Redefining the user experience and identifying the pain points within the app will also be important.

Conclusion: Development of the Uber-like app is easy to accomplish if there are well-defined development steps planned well in advance. Also, updating the app and adding new enhancements can make your app a favorite app to use with your users. Finding the right tech stack, marketing it correctly, and adding the most-requested features in the app are some of the ways to ensure its popularity.

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