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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many of us struggled to stay safe without sacrificing our old lives. And one of the things most severely impacted, aside from jobs, was children’s education. Because of that, many families looked into alternatives to traditional educational methods, such as homeschooling and online learning.

However, as you may already be aware, homeschooling is not new. It has existed since the latter half of the 20th century. And while it has many advantages over traditional education, it also has certain disadvantages. Thanks to current technology, a new type of learning has emerged. Today, we will discuss how online education can be an alternative to traditional homeschooling.

What is Traditional Homeschooling?

Every school day in traditional homeschooling is parents-led. This is good for parents wanting to play a role in their kid’s education, as subject scheduling, lesson planning, and the creation or acquisition of teaching resources fall under parents’ authority. Many households designate an area of their home as “school” and adhere to a daily school timetable that begins and ends at the same time each day. These structures require more coordination on the part of the parents.

Many resources are available for parents who choose to homeschool their children, such as pre-made lesson plans and curricula, suggestions for setting up a classroom, and advice from other homeschooling parents.

Homeschooling has a lot of benefits. Families who travel frequently or have demanding schedules might have flexibility since parents can regulate the information their children are exposed to. Students with unusual learning styles might also benefit from homeschooling since they can make adjustments to create the best possible learning environment.

What is Online Education?

Today, online education can offer a substitute for parents who wish to educate their children at home but would prefer assistance with curriculum planning. Additionally, parents have access to qualified teachers who can help their kids with academics.

Enlightium Academy, which began providing online courses in 2003, was one of the early trailblazers in the still-young industry of online education. The field of online education has expanded since the early 2000s. Online students benefit from teacher-led courses and a recognized curriculum while maintaining the advantages of homeschooling, such as flexibility in customizing their settings and work hours to their best learning style. Every day, lessons are planned, and students get notifications to hold them responsible in their classrooms. While having the opportunity to work at their own pace, students are urged not to fall behind in their coursework.

Why Online Education Makes A Better Alternative To Traditional Homeschooling


Of all, parents already have a lot of obligations. Additionally, adding learning resources and creating a curriculum for their child would make matters worse, leading to poor management of all they do.

Working parents who choose online learning will have more time for household tasks, hobbies they once enjoyed before becoming parents, and other activities. They will still be involved in their child’s education, despite this. They can still act as their child’s primary source of support at home. They now play more of a role than merely in curriculum development.

The cost-effectiveness of online education is another benefit. Without even considering the price of the educational supplies you’ll purchase, the expense of a homeschooling program might be high. Online schools are a better choice for families struggling with finances because they are less expensive, and public ones are free.

Professionally-Developed Curriculum

Not every parent can teach some subjects. The school’s curriculum frequently features complex and challenging ideas that are tough to learn, and teaching your child something that you don’t even comprehend yourself will be challenging. Furthermore, even if you are knowledgeable about the complex subjects, the child’s learning would be hampered by your lack of extensive classroom experience. In light of this, hiring qualified teachers to instruct kids is still the best option. And that’s what is provided by online schools.

In contrast to the unregulated homeschooling system, online schools ensure that no students fall behind. Because there are state requirements that must be met and exams that pupils must pass depending on where you reside. By enrolling your child in an online school that offers standardized tests and imparts fundamental academic skills, you can be sure that they are learning the material appropriate to their age. Online schools have qualified specialists to assist them if they need particular services. To ensure they understand various subjects and are given the chance to achieve them, they will probably be given a special education teacher.

Additionally, they can enter an authorized university or the workforce without taking the General Education Development (GED) exam, thanks to online schools. They can obtain a legitimate high school diploma without going through that extra stage. While completing their coursework online, students also have the option to participate in a formal ceremony in person while donning a gown and cap. School counselors are available to guide and assist students as they enroll in colleges and institutions.

Opportunity To Socialize

Having social opportunities is the best aspect of online education. Children learn to interact with and relate to children their own age since their environment is similar to that of a typical school, but they use the internet as a medium. Online colleges, for instance, feature learning labs replicating a virtual classroom, enticing students to participate and build on other students’ ideas. Additionally, they can plan live field trips and events that might be advantageous for your child’s academic, emotional, and social development.


We must allow our children to learn the emergence of new ideas as we live in a society that is more and more reliant on technology. Online education programs give them the knowledge and resources to take advantage of this technology and maximize their learning. Additionally, having access to online education provides parents and children an extensive range of course alternatives than would otherwise be possible with traditional homeschooling. All things considered, people willing to put in the effort to learn online may find it to be a fantastic benefit.

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