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Are you searching for the best Virtual Reality headsets?

Retail and online market is blessed with several Virtual Reality Headsets that let us wonderfully experience artificial objects, items or anything as real and non-fictional things.

Virtual reality has been integrally adopted by game players, video lovers, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs and many more. This spectrum from common people to large scale business persons have indeed found ways to ease their processes of tasks and resolving the most complex problems with the concept of Virtual Reality.

This potential technology has been rising for decades but in the first fifteen years of 21st century, the development advanced most rapidly and practically. With the innovation of Oculus Rift VR has taken place into reality which earlier was just dreamed of with its prototype.

Virtual reality is something that creates an artificial environment (replication of real environment) through computer technologies (software and hardware) and let you be present there and look around in that virtual environment using virtual reality headsets or other equipment.

Introducing Captivating Virtual Reality Headsets in market –

Many competitive virtual reality headsets at different prices and distinctive features from renowned brands have been launched before and now.

In 2010, Oculus initiated with the release of consumer ready rift, then HTC and Valve together have manufactured steam-friendly Vive, Sony has introduced its Playstation VR, Samsung started with its Gear VR and Google enhanced its Cardboard to Daydream View.

Before reviewing closely the above mentioned VR Headsets, let’s be informed about two major categories on which Virtual Reality Headsets work –

Tethered and Mobile –

The duo is the platforms VR headsets function at. They differ with respect to power and sources requirements, quality of the image and most importantly price of the VR headsets.

  • Mobile VR headsets are compact-sized shells with two lenses in which the mobile phone is kept. The mobile phone screen is viewed in sections respective to your eyes with the two lenses put in it. This is how your smartphone is turned into a VR device; thereby there is absolutely no need to connect any wire with Mobile VR Headset.
  • Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream are the instances of the Mobile VR headsets that are priced around $100. Technology developed mobile VR headsets that can run mobile phones with it; contrarily mobile phone isn’t the device that particularly designed for VR headsets those results in not very high fidelity of picture even with special lenses.


  • Here the need for tethered VR evokes that are empowered with the high performance of three dimensional pictures. Tethered VR headsets connect themselves with a dedicated display through a wire other than mobile phones.
  • The dedicated display is most likely a Personal Computer and Playstation 4 in case of Sony Playstation VR. Oculus Rift and HTC vive are the other tethered VR headsets. The wired VR headsets are a little difficult to move around but the in-built motion sensors and camera trackers vigorously make the viewing experience better.
  • Not just the clunky cables but the price is another compromise. Tethered VR headsets are much more expensive than the mobile VR.
  • The PS VR is little less-priced for $400 than the other tethered VR. Moreover, it requires $60 to $160 for its additional accessories to get the complete package.
  • Oculus rift is priced for $600 which comes only with a remote and Xbox One gamepad and to get the Oculus touch controllers you need to spend $200 more.
  • HTC Vive is inclusive of all the needed sources that come for $800. But it is to be mentioned that Oculus Rift and HTC Vive requires powerful processors to work.

Let’s closely explore the Virtual Reality Headsets – It’s time to explore above mentioned VR headsets individually. Let’s find how they differentiate each other.

Sony Playstation VR –

  • This VR is an easy to use tethered VR that provides lustrous experience with reasonable price. Though, you need to spend some extra bucks to get the full-fledged functionalities; a Playstation camera and Playstation move controller are the accessories you need to have to get it worked.
  • You don’t need any PC to connect to PS VR, instead it works with video game-console Playstation 4. It only allows playing proprietary titles but PS4 games can be played on it using theatre mode that makes you feel like you are looking at a large screen.

HTC Vive –

  • HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset comes with a complete set of a headset, two motion controllers, and two base stations that let you freely interact and explore the objects in virtual world.
  • HTC Vive has a Tracker that makes it unique by tracking your motions in a 10-Foot frame instead of from your seat. This VR headset is priced for $800. Also this needs great power to run and high-speed processor. Intel core i5-4590 CPU and GeForce GTX 970 GPU are recommendations for it.

Oculus Rift –

  • Originally VR headsets started developing after the release of Oculus Rift. Oculus Rift is quite similar to HTC Vive but excludes the Vive’s whole-room Virtual Reality. It is also $200 less-priced than the HTC Vive. But you need to spend another $200 to buy Oculus controllers which are excellently advanced.

Samsung Gear VR –

  • Samsung Gear VR is the most accessible mobile VR that is compatible with many Samsung smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone. So if you are having the compatible Samsung smartphone, you just need to spend $100 to get Gear VR which offers best features at this cost.
  • You can place your mobile phone in it and use it as long as you want to as it offers a connector to keep your phone charged, besides it has built-in controller and it is very comfortable to put on your face.
  • Samsung worked with Oculus to create Gear’s software ecosystem which has variety of apps and games. Also it supports several video services including Netflix.

Google Daydream View –

  • Google daydream View is the enhancement to Google Cardboard. You need a pair of remotes that you use to control the motions as you do with oculus remotes and mobile phone is placed in the headset which contains lenses.

You can buy it for only $79. There are relatively less compatible apps with it. Google is working on the update of the apps which are compatible with the Google Cardboard.



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