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As the world is evolving endlessly, we as humans have undergone many changes in terms of technology. This has led to the creation of enormous technology trends. With the introduction of a wide array of trends recently, it is very clear and precise that the future holds tons of power in technology.

Having said that, various technology trends have secured a prominent mark in the past decades. Yet, few trends are about to survive, stay in use, and gain all the hype in the coming decades.

This guide lists the Upcoming 10 Technology Trends to watch out for in the next decade. These trends are ready to rule the market and IT industry for the next several years.

Let’s dive into each one in brief!

What are the top 10 technology trends?

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Virtual Reality (VR)
  3. Blockchain
  4. 5G
  5. Internet of Things(IoT)
  6. Cyber Security
  7. Facial Recognition
  8. Automation
  9. Edge Computing
  10. Prescriptive Analysis

1.      Artificial Intelligence

AI is a technology that holds the power to make certain decisions similar to humans. AI is ruling the globe for prominent decades now. Securing its place in the top 10 technology trends for several years, AI will rule the world for the next decades.

The elevating demand and utilization of AI technology have transformed the whole universe. Looking at the pace of rising power that AI is gaining, it is expected to take over several more human tasks by the next decades. With time and upgrades, AI is changing its forms and versions prominently, thereby changing it to be more precise and clear.

Uses of Artificial Intelligence

  • There are several uses of AI that we use in our daily lives. Few include:
  • Allows computers and several gadgets to read, see(facial recognition), Speak ( Siri, Google, Alexa), Listen ( Amazon Echo)
  • Automatic tasks like business predictions, scheduling trains, and the introduction of driverless cars like Tesla
  • Navigation based apps like Uber
  • Adoption of AI in healthcare sectors, fintech, and customer care sectors to enhance services.

Benefits of AI

  • Reduces human errors to a considerable extent
  • Helps to eradicate repetitive and boring jobs
  • Available 24*7
  • Excellent digital assistance
  • Advanced, new, and improved interfaces
  • Brilliant problem-solving skills
  • Managing and converting information effectively into knowledge
Artificial Intelligence

2.      Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality can be referred to as one of the best technologies. Using Virtual reality can take you to the world of “fake but real.” VR is utilized to create a stimulating environment. To be more precise, you can experience Virtual reality in video games. In fact, the latest technology in computer systems is quite commendable.

With VR, users can enjoy games in a 3D virtual reality world. VR enables users to feel they are present in the game in person.

Uses of VR

  • It is widely used in the entertainment and gaming industries
  • The coast guard training staff uses VR
  • VR helps doctors to undergo major surgeries. VR has contributed to a great extent in the healthcare sector.
  • With VR, tourists can experience virtual tourism. They can make use of VR to enhance their views and experience.

Benefits of VR

  • It is 10x times better than reality
  • It provides the excellent user experience
  • Provides detailed views
  • Helps ineffective communication
  • It is used in several fields

3.      Blockchain

Blockchain can be referred to as a foundation technology that elevates cryptocurrencies. To be more precise, blockchain is more of a ledger that several users can make use of. Various records are generated and linked up with one another. The records of these transactions cannot be altered. It is an excellent method for storing, authenticating, and protecting data when it comes to business. Each transaction that takes place in it is trusted. As transactions are recorded in the ledger, the blockchain keeps updating. This is another reason why blockchain is considered the safest technology.

Uses of Blockchain

  • Helps in payment processing and transferring money
  • Helps in sharing data
  • Helps in protecting royalty and copyright
  • Enormous data backups
  • Creating digital IDs
  • Acts as a means to track prescription drugs
  • Helps in Digital voting

Benefits of Blockchain

  • An extreme level of security
  • Reduced hacking threats
  • Zero payment for intermediaries services
  • Swift and rapid transactions
  • Increased transparency of transactions
  • Several levels of accessibility

4.  5G

The fifth-generation, 5G, is about to secure a prominent place in the tech world now. It will cause a significant impact on technology in the next few decades. 5G wireless connection is about to make lives more smart, fast, and reliable. Redefining the entire network system, 5G is about to establish a whole new standard in terms of speed and throughput.

Uses of 5G

  • In creating excellent 5g drones
  • Contributing to several sectors, including agriculture, construction, and factories
  • Brilliant communication networks
  • A seamless and uninterrupted flow of Internet

Benefits of 5G

  • A few of the benefits include:
  • Extremely high internet speed
  • Low rate of latency
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Wireless technology VR
  • Enrich the user experience

Besides this, there are huge benefits that it 5G is about to extend. Still, the question that arises is how fast will the fifth-gen network be? Will it be possible for the users to download a 3-hour movie within seconds?

Blockchain 5G future tech

5.      Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT may be referred to as a set of devices that are linked up with each other. With time, IoT has secured a prominent place in the technology trend similar to other technologies. This set of devices hold the ability to communicate or interact among themselves. You can link it up via WiFi and share uninterrupted data through it. IoTs carry a chip with them that enables them to collect data and transfer or exchange them. If we speak about the next decades, it is believed that IoT will be adopted in a huge amount, and more than 41 million devices by IoT will be introduced.

Uses of IoT

IoT devices have been in use for several decades now. However, users have not recognized it yet. Few uses of IoT are,

  • Locking of car doors, preheating geysers.
  • Tracking the amount of burnt calorie
  • Smart products, including oven, yoga mat, TV, etc. use IoT applications.
  • Amazon Echo uses IoT.

Benefits of IoT

  • Decreases the overall human effort
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Increased collection of data
  • Enhanced security
  • Decreased costs
  • Excellent customer experience
  • Maintaining agility and mobility
  • Enormous business opportunities

6.      Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is generally a practice that protects computer systems, mobiles, servers, networks, and valuable data from possible security threats and hacks. By notifying the owners and admin on detecting any attacks or threats, cybersecurity has ranked in the list of top 10 upcoming technology trends globally.

Uses of cybersecurity

  • It is used in the management of security
  • It is used in managing access and identity
  • It is used in security engineering
  • It helps in securing the software development, cryptography, and compliance

Benefits of cybersecurity

  • It helps in protecting valuable information and data
  • Enhances business continuity
  • Improves security controls
  • Offering security consolidation
  • Safeguarding networks and data from various unauthorized access
  • It protects your business

7.      Facial recognition

Facial recognition has been in trend recently for several years now. By the end of 2021, your face could be an ideal tech partner! Isn’t that just amazing? Well, It all started with the Apple company when iPhone X launched a brand new Face ID feature. Consequently, a lot of industries have adopted this idea of facial recognition in a variety of ways. In the future,  many more industries will adopt this feature by making use of facial recognition. These applications will generally capture your face and save it while delivering brilliant examples of how technology can be used in the best way!

Uses of facial recognition

  • Used in unlocking phones
  • It helps to find lost persons
  • It protects the law enforcement
  • Controlling airports and borders
  • Used in retails and banks
  • It helps a lot in the healthcare sectors
  • It is used by Coca Cola company, Snapchat, Facebook, Mac Makeup, Google, Apple, and Amazon for face recognition

Benefits of facial recognition

  • It protects businesses against possible threats
  • It helps in strengthening security measures
  • Makes the shopping experience more efficient
  • Enhances organization of photos
  • Helps in improving medical treatments
  • Better worker attendance systems

The best part? In the upcoming years, you might be able to withdraw cash from your ATM with the help of 3D face recognition.

8.      Automation

Automation holds an entirelydifferent definition at present. There are many ways by which automation can build its presence in the world of humans. In no time, automation is about to win hearts and secure a significant place in the technology world. By the end of this year, automation can show magic in several fields, including the beverage industries, medical industries, and food industries. With time, home automation will be available for humans.

Uses of Automation

  • It holds the power to deliver pizzas in self-driven cars
  • It is used in household appliances
  • It is used in hospitals and amusement parks
  • It extends a lot of help in all power plants as well

Benefits of Automation

  • It helps  to pack juice boxes
  • It can perform any of the complex tasks
  • Low cost of operating
  • Improved safety of workers
  • Reduced factory lead times
  • Capacity to be more competitive
  • Enhanced output production
  • Easy integration
  • Reduced need for outsourcing

The best part is, if automation partners with robotics, AI, and machine learning, the world will witness amazing and mind-blowing opportunities.

9.      Edge Computing

One such technology that we barely talk about is Edge computing. Things will change to a great extent when Edge computing comes to use in the upcoming decades.

Generally, edge computing can be referred to as a computing element where everything places itself close to the origin of the information. To be more precise, from the processing of information to gathering content and its delivery, every small thing is situated near the origin or source of information. With edge computing, you bring the power of computing closer to the origin of data.

Uses of edge computing

  • Enterprises use designs based on the patterns of edge in their infrastructures
  • Helps in generating intelligent networks
  • It helps to load and display the results in milliseconds as compared to cloud computing that takes a hundred milliseconds

Benefits of Edge computing

  • Great connectivity
  • Reduces latency
  • High level of functionality
  • Restrictions of the bandwidth
  • Delivers fast performance

Adopting edge computing can help industries to enhance or improve the overall rate of processing. In the upcoming years, edge computing is about to gain a huge amount of recognition and attention.

10.   Prescriptive analysis

As the present generation is all about prescriptive analysis, software development is making prompts. This is done on the grounds of a behavior of an individual and their past interactions. Shortly, each of the user data that is gathered or collected will help and benefit a wide range of businesses in a plethora of ways. In the present world of technology, the information that relates to a certain individual will be a guide on how to act when the same individual acts differently at any point in time. It is outstanding to visualize that the thing that used to be a mere regular source of insight will now benefit businesses to make huge profits and productivity!

Uses of prescriptive analysis

  • It is used in the marketing and sales industry
  • It is used in the transportation industry for offering valuable recommendations
  • The prescriptive analysis is used in the financial markets by helping firms to build algorithms
  • It is used in determining further and future outcomes

Benefits of prescriptive analysis

  • It helps to ease and perform repetitive and scalable procedures
  • It helps in optimizing the business actions
  • Helps in making near time decisions
  • Improves productivity to a huge extent
  • Answering complicated questions
  • Cost-effective

The closure!

We come to the end of this guide that stated the upcoming 10 Technology Trends to watch out for in the next decade. This article stated such technologies that have caused a significant impact in the past years and will continue to amaze us in the upcoming years. On that note, these top ten trends are going to experience mass adoption in the coming future!

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