Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC

Microsoft introduces Recall, a tool that records all activity on your PC, enhancing productivity and troubleshooting

Recall captures screenshots, tracks app usage, and logs errors, providing a comprehensive overview of your PC's activities.

Recall runs in the background, quietly documenting your every move, ensuring you never lose track of important actions.

Recall helps users revisit tasks, retrieve lost information, and improve workflows by analyzing daily computer usage patterns.

Troubleshooting becomes easier with Recall's detailed logs, allowing users to pinpoint and fix issues swiftly and efficiently.

Despite its benefits, Recall raises significant privacy questions. How safe is your data with continuous monitoring?

Microsoft ensures users can control Recall settings, pausing or stopping the recording at any time for privacy.

Recall represents the future of PC monitoring, blending productivity with potential privacy risks. Will you use it?

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