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5 Business Resources for the Technology Challenged

Technology has become a necessity for most businesses and those operating without it probably suffer inefficiencies. Gone are the days when you could ignore using automated tools in your business and still get by. The challenge for some companies is getting all employees to be at par in using technological tools and harnessing the benefits that come with them.

If you struggle with technology in your company, there are various ways you can encourage tech adoption without creating insecurity. Some employees feel their jobs are under threat when tech takes over human tasks. Incentivizing and training help in the adoption process.

Business resources are also readily available to equip new tech users with the necessary skills enhancing confidence to use the tools. Some include:

1. Webinars

Recently, webinars became popular, replacing several in-person training and educative sessions. The online conferences usually consist of a panel of experts imparting knowledge to participants. The sessions are interactive, enabling the audience to ask questions and learn.

You can sign up your team for webinars on specific topics relevant to the technological tools your company has recently acquired. Online learning is an inexpensive way for team members to learn compared to physical training. Some webinars come at no cost and, others attract some minimal cost.

Other benefits of the online conferences include the convenience of attendance (from the comfort of your home/office), availability of recorded sessions, easy interaction with subject matter experts, etc.

2. Meet In-Person

Online training and engagements have become the new norm in place of in-person meetings. However, there is still value in having physical meetings occasionally to connect with your team. It is challenging to discern non-verbal communication from online interactions. You may miss out on particular aspects of your team if you only rely on virtual meets.

It helps to meet team members for companywide training sessions because it provides an opportunity to gauge different levels of adoption of the new technology. Uptake of technology is not a recluse of skills but also involves attitude. A defiant team member may not be open to new learning.

The physical meetings allow your team to be more interactive and ask questions regarding the change. You will be able to respond to their fears if they have any, and also technical questions on the impact of the new tech on the current operations.

3. Hire Freelancers

Some technological tools that companies adapt are too complex for the team to handle and, relying solely on training may not be sufficient to encourage adoption. For example, developing a website requires specialized skills for digital impact. In such cases, you need an expert to handle things.

Organizations use their digital presence to reach target audiences and, websites are no longer just a showcase of their profile. Getting the best out of your website means you need specialized experts and should consider hiring Angular developers, among other specialists.    

Such experts can relieve the stress from your internal team, who probably lack web development skills. Freelancers are typically readily available and often have flexible schedules that fit your timelines. Using freelancers also frees up your team to handle the core business services.

4. College Courses

Some technologies are intricate and need long-term learning to understand intimately. You can enroll your team members in online college courses to learn more about specific technology and enhance their skills in a particular field.

Investing in academic courses for teams requires time & fund resources, and you should select wisely the staff you want to train. The new knowledge helps team members who are already good with technology to learn more.

There are essential online resources on technology courses that can augment what you studied at the undergrad level. The courses include data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, ethical hacking, etc.

5. YouTube

YouTube is a popular medium for learning new skills. Subject matter experts create several videos every day in different fields. The recordings can teach you everything from excel to more complex systems. You access such material through an online search and have many options to choose from.

Many educators launch their own YouTube channels to broadcast their services. Be careful to select reputable individuals with proven track records of delivery. There is specialized educational content on the channel, helping in filtering irrelevant content before settling on a preferred video.

YouTube is advantageous because it is accessible on all smart devices, like mobile phones, desktops, tablets, etc. You only need stable internet access to watch the freely available videos. You can supplement the channel videos with other paid online classes to learn.

Become Tech-Savvy with Available Resources

There is no excuse to be technologically challenged with so many business resources at your disposal. It may be challenging to transform your team into technology experts overnight but, you can help them access the requisite skills to get through the changes. Apart from the amazing resources mentioned above one must add cornell notes system to their Wishlist as it helps with managing the information in an easy and simple way. Adapting new tech in the business need not be an uphill task all the time.

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