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5 Effective Ways to Design an SEO Friendly Website that Google Will Love

When we talk about SEO, web design is also a factor for ranking your web pages at the top of the search engine results page. Looking at the web layout, web design should be friendly to give users the maximum user experience and the search engine’s positive impact.

When we talk about design, Google always loves the pages that have the design according to the recommendation. Web design not only increases your SEO, but also the speed of the site. Remember, this is also important because the SEO individually not enough to evaluate your site, but also web design too necessary.

Creating a web design is amazing for the user experience because they can easily navigate to your site. Components on your site should be such that your visitors should not notice, but they will start to easily navigate to your site.

Here are some of the effective ways to design the SEO-friendly site that Google will love and regard as ranking.

1. Mobile-friendliness of your website

If you are a marketer or web owner, you may know the importance of your website to your mobile users. If you have still not made your website mobile-friendly, then you are years back for the search engine. Remember that most users may visit your website from their mobile phones.

Remember, Google updated the ranking factor for Web owners and mobile phone friendliness became a factor in 2015. During the five years, many sites came down the ranking due to poor mobile layout.

Mobile-first indexing was launched in 2017, and now, without a mobile-friendly site, you have less chance of ranking.

At Google, the number of people who make up the desktop is declining compared to mobile users. More than half of web traffic comes from mobile phones, and in this respect, you should pay more attention to the mobile-friendly design of your website.

Now that the majority of users come from mobile phones and your website is not compatible with your phone, most of your traffic is missing.

2. Loading speed of the website lead to bad user experience

A slow website would ruin the user experience and the first-time user would get the negative effects. Not only that, your site would not be recommended for those users to visit it again.

But do you know why your website is slow? This might be due to the things that need to be configured with your site. Speed optimization is a mandatory part of technical SEO.

Many of the deficiencies of the site and the reason for low traffic is website traffic. A slow website would also increase your bounce rate because people do not have much time to load your site.

Remember that site speed is a confirmed ranking factor for Google and you need to configure your site for better speed.

Here are some ways to optimize the speed of your website:

  • Optimize your images
  • Minimize CSS, JavaScript
  • Uninstall the plugins not required
  • Allow browser caching
  • Remove unnecessary images

Various tools on the Internet can help you know the speed of your website. One of the best tools is Google Speed Insight, which uses hundreds of factors to test your website via desktop and mobile interfaces. This tool not only tells the reason for the slow loading time but also the recommendation to improve your speed.

The recommended loading speed is less than three seconds, and if it takes longer than this time, you need to optimize your site.

Remember that page speed is not only mandatory for your users, but needs to be optimized for Google.

3. Upload original content to avoid plagiarism penalty 

Content is one of the main factors for the search engine for the ranking and on the other hand, content can make your site successful by impressing users.

If the content you write is informative, friendly, interesting, engaging, and compelling, then you can turn the visitor into the permanent user. Many readers love to read the specific and preferred blogs because the content and blog post represent a niche.

Imagine that the user comes to your website and finds that the content is copied from another website. If the content is copied or similar to the content of another website, there would be a lot of consequences. First of all, the user would skip your website, because if he has read it before, the user would get a bad impression.

The second problem would be the ranking. Google would never prefer to use duplicate content, and in that respect, it would not rank your site. Instead, it would ship your site on the fewest pages.

To avoid these penalties, you should use the plagiarism detector free, which is readily available online and can be used free of charge to verify the relation of your content to those already published on the Internet.

4. Sitemaps

Google has crawlers that come to your site to know your content and to consider it for ranking. Crawlers are essentially bots or algorithms that scan your work and compare it to its standard. The more your site matches the standard, the greater the chance of getting a ranking for your site.

The crawlers use the sitemap to access and navigate your site. If your site does not have the optimized sitemap, then it would not create the ease for the crawlers. Not only do you need to have the sitemap, but it should be submitted to the search console to improve your performance.

Most CMS create the sitemap automatically, but if not, you can use various online tools to generate it for free and instantly.

5. Add visual in your post to enhance readability

We all know that visuals are the best way to give the user the impression. Not only that, but the visuals also help you to achieve a higher ranking, as the search engine loves to have the images on your website.

Whether you write a blog post or post a product, the visuals will help you increase the clarity of your content, and they will also help you drive traffic to your website through the search engine.

You can visit the Google images and when you click on an image, it will be redirected to the website where the image is posted. This way, the traffic gets to your website.

Apart from all of the above mentioned steps one can opt for an experienced Marketing Consultant Birmingham and enjoy amazing results

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