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Apple and Samsung are the two giants of mobile world and are far ahead of other smart phone manufacturing companies. There is always a competition going on between these two big companies. Whenever, one company launches a new product, the other come up with better technology which keeps the competition spirit on.

Apple recently announced ‘iPhone upgrade program’ which allows the user to get a new Apple smart phone every year and that too from any carrier of your choice with very low monthly payments. This program was very much appreciated by the audience because of such big benefits. Now, Samsung is also planning to launch its ‘phone leasing program’ following Apple’s footsteps. However, Samsung will launch this program for its galaxy smart phone series only.

This program will be first introduced to US customers and if succeeded then all over the world. There are very bright chances for this program as it has some incredible benefits for the customer. A customer will definitely become a part of this program to avail maximum benefits at minimal cost, thus making this program a successful one.

What benefits can be enjoyed with phone leasing program?

Phone leasing program is equipped with several benefits especially for the customer. With huge benefits involved, the possibility of failure of this program is negligible. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits which can be enjoyed by a customer by availing phone leasing program.

Upgrade to new smart phone every year

  • Under this program you can upgrade to a new smart phone every year, by paying the monthly fee. A company will set a monthly fee according to the smart phone, which a user needs to pay for 12 months. After 12 months, the user is eligible to upgrade to a new smart phone. Apple users can use this program to upgrade to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus, whereas Samsung will release this program for their Galaxy smart phone series.

phone leasing program

Company will look after your smart phone

The best part about this program is that company will provide protection for your smart phone. You will be provided with one or two years of protection plan depending upon the company which will include:

  • Free hardware repairs for a specific period.
  • Complete software support.
  • Coverage for accidental damage up to two incidents

These are some of the few benefits provided with the protection plan. You can avail all these benefits from any registered company service centre. So, avail this plan and get the best protection for your smart phone.

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You can choose your own carrier

  • Under this program you are free to choose carrier of your choice. You are not bound to company’s carrier under this program. So, choose any carrier the service of which you want to avail and inform the smart phone company about it to start the leasing program.

These are some of the few benefits which can be enjoyed by registering with phone leasing program. Samsung leasing program will be released in few weeks, so grab this program to avail maximum benefits.

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