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How to bring traffic to my website from Instagram?

Once you have a website up and running the next question which pops in mind is traffic. How am I going to bring traffic and that too relevant traffic? One of the best things to do is to opt for social media optimization. But the real challenge is the presence of so many social media portals. Let us help you and choose the best social media portal for getting relevant traffic.

Among so many social media tools Instagram is one such amazing powerful social media tool which can be used for marketing your business and in return it gets your website relevant traffic. Here the question is how to bring traffic to my website from Instagram?

One of the best things about Instagram is that it is so powerful that it can engage a whole community and promote contents to such a level that even a successful marketing agent would not be able to match up with.

Instagram can easily multiply the number of audience on your webpage. Not only does Instagram stand out as a social media platform for people to publicize their whereabouts, but serves as a marketing platform too where you can sell your products.

How to bring traffic to my website from Instagram

How to bring traffic to my website from Instagram?

Here are a few strategies and features of Instagram that can help in generating conversions and traffic to your website.

The link hidden in your bio

Instagram offers one single spot to add your link, and that is in your ‘bio.’ I hope you very well understand how to take advantage of this. You should add a clickable link of your website in your bio and encourage your followers to click it. This way your followers can land down on your website page and in return giving your site a hike mustering some revenue for you.

Instagram Ads

A few days back it was announced that the API of Instagram would be open to all brands and companies and thus gives you a chance to hit your target. If you want to generate leads for your website, then investing in Instagram ads can be one of the successful strategies to adopt. Not only does it contribute to your digital campaign but is also a creative way to spawn revenue for your website.

Instagram Ads

Images that drives traffic

A call to action image can also help you in significant ways of generating traffic to your website. One can design photos which are appealing and makes the user click on that photo. You can hold a contest, a game, etc. and add those words to the image which catches the attention of the visitor and compels them to follow the link. Needless to say, this can benefit you in driving followers to your website.

Videos can help too

As we have discussed earlier images with URL links, videos with URL’s can also work the same magic for your website. The fact is videos can enhance the chances of driving traffic to your web page in comparison to the images. Few engaging and funny videos with the link of your webpage can spice up your Instagram feeds and are worthwhile in inducing your Instagram followers to your website.

Instagram Videos

The swipe up story

Stories are one of the exciting features of Instagram and are a creative way to embrace your audience to your website. Talking about the stories, there are various options such as stickers, filters, GIF’s, location tags, etc. out of which ‘swipe up’ features stands out as one of the best to get your target audience at the place where you wish them to be. You can get your audience accessing your website link by swiping up on your story page and landing directly on your webpage. The swipe up features help you in sweeping your audience directly to your webpage and thus propagating leads for your business.

The coordination with partners, audience and influencers

If you are adamant about building traffic on your website, then influencers, other brand partners and your esteemed audience can also be of great help to you. Let us discuss them individually:

Brand partners– You can shake hands with other brands for a giveaway. It can be a barter system act here you can tag your partner brands in your post and encourage your audience to like their posts, and in return, your other brand partners can do the same for you.

Your brand partners can add on your URL in their post and get their audience to visit your link too in return giving benefits to both the parties.

There are brands which also opt for Condition Improvement Fund for better results.

Influencers and sponsors

There are chances that your influencers and sponsors may have a vast network in your comparison and can serve you in your task of driving audience. Sending them few goodies or sponsoring feeds on their IG account can help you in driving their IG patrons to your webpage as well. You can request your influencers to tag your Instagram account to their stories and have a gala retreat by seeing few more followers hitting your page.

Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Audience– The like and comment act by your audience can be of great help for your web page, so one needs to appeal and compel their audience to do the same task.

You also have to maintain the same relations and should respond back by liking their comments, adding captions or reposting their contents on your Instagram account giving them the credits. This way your audience will never miss out on hitting the like and comment option on your page.

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