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IPhone 8 release date to be launched in 2017

After the grand success of iPhone 7, Apple has decided to launch its next level. People now are eagerly awaiting for the iphone 8 release date. Apple is yet to celebrate their 10th anniversary in the year 2017. You must be hearing about variety of iPhone rumours in the market. The fact is related to the striving plan of apple in manufacturing its devices.

The guesses also speak about the exciting features of device to be launched in the year 2017. There are many conflicting thoughts about features. It is assumed that, the authority will go through the test for ten original iPhone models. Most of the people are waiting to hear about the iPhone 8 release date.

Another rumour also said, device will come with a perfect restyle. There will be edge to edge presentation along with the features like finger print sensing elements. You will be able to see the exhibit where the iPhone’s camera and touch ID is already inbuilt.  According to Jony I’ve, viewers will be able to see an iPhone which is presented an only sheet of glass. IPhone lovers are excited to know iPhone 8 launch date

iphone 8

There is a mismatch thought about the exact size of iPhone8 to execute the edge to edge display. The display will be of flexible OLED and not LCD as Apple is going to introduce thinner variation. Also this surface will consume less power and energy. It is guessed to have curved edges along with life colours on display screen.

The previous series of iPhone such as iPhone 5, 5s, iPhone 6, 6s etc. had aluminium body. But this time, the phone to be launched in the year 2017 will be available with the glass form. The forecaster of Apple iPhone Ming – Chi Kuo also said that the glass body will be made by taking chromium steel as frame. People wish to see how it works on iPhone 8.

There will be more advanced technology with the inside of phone. The authority is going to make the phone much more efficient and faster. For this they will include chip of 10 nm A11 disparity. It will come with biometric device where scanning of face and iris will be done. You will also get double lens camera with wireless charging mechanism with long range.

Allen Horng, chief executive officer of Apple supplier Catcher Technology, has confirmed Kuo’s statement. As per both Allen and Chi, around one of the iPhone models to be launched in the coming year (2017) will contain a glass backing, however the iPhone giant may pair one glass incorporated set with single or dual aluminium bodied sets.

Hearsays have dissented on whether all 3 iPhone sets will comprise a glass figure, as Nikkei said all iPhone sets will come with backings made of glass.

Japanese site Mac Otakara also thinks that the company will sell a 4.7 and 5.5” aluminium “iPhone 7s” and “iPhone 7 Plus” with a design which mostly looks like iPhone 7 apart from a novel red colour choice.

iphone 8 rumours

Name specification

No one is still aware of the naming scheme of apple’s iPhone 8. But the series starting from 2007 has created some idea in the mind of people. In the year 2007, apple has launched ‘iPhone’. In 2008, the new device iwas named as ‘iPhone 3G’ followed by ‘iPhone 3GS’ in the year 2009.

Again in the year 2014, the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus was launched. In the present year 2016, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus was launch. Thus, it makes sense if we assume the 2017 launch as iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus.


The well-known analyst, Ming – Chi Kuo said, apple will leave behind aluminium body and take up the glass. Apple has used this body in iPhone 4s. It is also said that glass will be heavier as well as fragile. But the expert says, there won’t be any trouble with the glass back.

Even glass has many advanced technique which will make it less fragile and lighter in variation. Gorilla Glass is one of the variations which we have used in many phones. The technology has made each screen really sturdy and durable. Apple will make use of OLED display without making iPhone 8 design relatively heavier.

The next iPhone to be launched in the year 2017 will be glass wrapped over the aluminium or stainless steel frame. Also the variation of phone with rise from 2 to 3. Yes, we used to have two variation of same model each year.

For example, in 2016 we got iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus, 2016 was the time of launching iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Now, it is assumed that in 2017 there will be 3 variations of latest iPhone. The size of iPhone 8 design will be like 4.7 inches as a smallest variation. The next two will be of 5 and 5.5 inches.

Some people agree with the iPhone rumours and some does not. According to Barclay’s research, iPhone 8 will come in just two sizes. The smallest will be of 5 inches and largest will be 5.8 inches.


Flexible OLED display is what iPhone 8 will possess. Apple possesses a secret research laboratory in Taiwan from where it will manufacture micro LED and OLED variation for its next launch. The suppliers associated with apple are investing more money in new technology and equipment so that they can be a part of producing OLED iPhone 8 displays.

The new device will remove the back lighting. It is done to reduce the thickness of device. Also, the weight will be less. Only OLED variation can make the device flexible.Viewers will be able to get the new iPhone with wraparound display.

iphone 8 display

The display has enhanced viewing angles, improved contrast ratio, quick response, wider battery life and much more. But this OLED display which the apple has thought about has some shortcoming. It can be damaged when affected with water. Also, the lifespan of this display is less than LCD.

The display size is predicted to be 5 and 5.8 inches. One of the blogger of apple also said that, the new iPhone will get edge to edge display. There will be no bezels or borders at the sides, bottom and top of the phone. Also, there will be sensors connected to the iPhone 8 display such as cameras on the front side, face recognition, touch ID etc. But those will be not visible with your naked eye.

Most important character to be embedded in the latest variation of phone is no existence of the home button. The new device will utilize 2.5D curved exhibit. There is a doubt of whether Apple will decrease the phone to the display size or increase the dimension of display to match the phone size. The phone will carry some gesture enabling features at the edges.


The analysts are predicting about very efficient processor for the new iPhone 8. Yes, it is going to be A 11 chip with 10 nanometer process. The first stage of designing is almost complete. Also the iPhone rumour says, the designing will receive the certification hopefully by the end of 2016. Also, the first 10- nanometer chip will be send for validation absolutely by April 2017.

Wireless charging

From years, the manufacturers of iPhone have been working with long ambit wireless charging edition.  Hopefully the technology will be applied in the series that is going to come in the year 2017. But there are a few hindrances which is really important to overcome in this connection.

If the range is going to be wider, there will be chance of loss in power transfer. Apple is hiring much efficient engineers for this purpose. They are trying to remove the earphone jack.  Only the light port will be used to deal with variety of functions. More updates are coming, which will bring much clear picture about wireless charging.

iphone 8 wireless charging

Other features

Apple iPhone 8 is going to come with many more features. Following are its list:

  • Yes Apple is embedding its all new bio metric feature in the latest smart phone. The phone will go ahead with iris scanning and face identification. Consequently, the security is tight.
  • The new iPhone 8 is going to come with the tactic engine. It is necessary for tactical vibration as the phone does not have its home button
  • The new phone to be launched in the year 2017 will come with dual lens camera. It will ideally help you to do 3D photography.
  • The upcoming gadget is likely to comprise well known NAND nonvolatile storage from the tech giant Samsung, however it is not authorised what betterment it might fetch. With the other gadget named iPad Pro presently obtainable in capabilities up to 256 gigabyte, it’s likely the iPhone Seven as well as the 2017 model will be accessible with storing capacities of 256 gigabyte.

Kuo forecasts that a 4.7” iPhone boasting of a solo photographic camera, a 5.5” model with a twin lens photographic camera, and an organic light-emitting diode set in an indefinite extent with a dual lens photographic camera.

Kuo forecasts that upcoming iPhone models will comprise optical image stabilisation for both the broad-angle and telephotograph lens systems. In the iPhone Seven Plus, just the broad viewpoint lens consists of OIS. 2017’s photographic camera could also back up 3D photography upshots if the company picks to make use of an LG camera unit.

Expected Traits –

  • OLED exhibition
  • Speedier A11 central processing unit
  • Glass body
  • Edge-to-edge exhibit
  • Camera & Touch ID incorporated in exhibit
  • No Home key
  • Wireless charging option
  • 3 models that comprise 1 organic light-emitting diode (OLED) model, two standard models

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iphone 8 launch date

Release date

The iPhone lovers are absolutely keen to know about the release date of next IPhone to be launched in the year 2017. It is rumoured to be released in the month of September 2017. Yes the iPhone 8 release date will be in the next half of the coming year (2017).

Beyond the iPhone Eight      

In the year 2018, the iPhone giant may append iris scanning potentialities to the iPhone that could be utilized side by side or on behalf of Touch ID. Iris scan tech is also a trait, which has been supposed for the coming year’s (2017) sets, so it’s not enlightened when the most popular gadget could possibly get these potentialities, if ever.



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