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Must Try Tricks on Computers

Searching for must try tricks on computers? Here are some of the best tricks! A computer can be used for a lot of purposes. You can use the computer to hack into others, or spy on others or just if you are a developer yourself there are many tips that you can use to work on computers easily.

There is so much to learn and if you do apply these tips you can make your computer or mobile usage easy and efficient. There are also many tools that you download here on the web to spy such as TheOneSpy or hack or make the computer work more effectively etc.

Using the notepad

This is a crazy tool. For me it sure is. There are so many things that you can do with this little tool on your computer. With this you can create small executable files or so called binary files to run that can perform different actions. You can also create your own viruses with a little bit of knowledge. Notepad is very useful software already on the computer, use it and learn different ways to use it for the effectiveness.

Must Try Tricks on Computers

Using the Command Prompt

There are many things that if you try and perform may not be executed in an effective manner, but if you know how to use the command prompt or the DOS you will be able to carry out those tasks easily. Sometimes there are files and folders that cannot be deleted, but any using some special commands you can delete those also.

Using cell phones to connect with the web

Today it is very easy to use an Android phone to use the phone’s internet connection on the laptop or the computer. If you want to do that, you just need to activate the internet on the phone and then go to the settings and then click the options for Hotspot and tethering.  If you make it a Wi-Fi hotspot it will work as a Wi-Fi and if you click on USB tethering your mobile internet will be accessed via the computer’s browsers.

Be a good parent with the help of computers

If you want to make things more interesting and make the usage of equipment and time you spend on the computer more useful or entertaining you can install different apps on the cell phones of your kids and monitor their activities via computer. This way you can be a good parent who knows what his or her kids are doing.

latest computer tricks

Disable USB ports

This trick seems to be working wonders for many people. Many times there are problems when other people insert their USB in your computer and it is affected by a virus, why not disable the USB port it will be easy that way to protect the computer. Here is how you can disable the USB ports easily.

There are several ways of doing it. The purpose to disable is to ensure safety. One easy ways is to uninstall the USB port drivers. Here is another secret way which many people may not know how to enable once disabled. Open the winnows reedit by just typing it on start menu. When it opens there is a large menu, there are many keys you need to navigate to the one that says local machine system.

Open it then scroll to a system, then scroll to current control set then services and there you will find USBSTOR. When you open it there will be several files ahead listed open the Start file and change the value simple to 4. It will disable the USB.

Recover permanently deleted files in Windows

There are many applications that you can use to recover long lost files. You might need to purchase these records but they will work wonders for you. There are many software that you can Google and get installed.

These were some of the tried and tested must try tricks on computers which I am pretty sure you have liked. Please comment in the section below and share more such amazing tips for the betterment of the community.

Apart from the above mentioned tricks, there are several more which will be discussed in future articles. Also, one need to make sure to take proper care of the peripheral devices such as printers and Wi-Fi systems for good results. At times the printer gives offline error on different operating systems and the best way is to get in touch with an online repair service provider so that the issue can be resolved the earliest.

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