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Top 10 Social Bookmarking Websites to increase traffic

Social bookmarking is a sort of shareable website bookmarking that permits the user to share their preferred website links by making use of the browser’s bookmarking option. Such bookmarked websites on social bookmarking sites are generally visible for public access.

It is a way of creating backlink for one’s website on those high traffic earned websites, which in turn facilitating the former to experience improved visibility and increased website traffic.

In short, the user can put in, edit, annotate and share web document bookmarks publicly through tagging it on social bookmarking website for seo. Almost, every SEO company follows their familiar strategy to enhance their client’s website online visibility.

Benefits of Using Top Social bookmarking websites

  • Social bookmarking is one among the best SEO technique that sure to increase traffic to one’s website. It is easy to gain huge attention of millions and millions of browsers and can make your content viral on the social profiles, provided your content must be worth reading.
  • Increase one’s marketing approach efforts by elevating their content exposure.
  • It is also the very simplest way of building backlinks for your website that creates a positive impact when it comes to page rank and index rate.
  • There are more likely chances of consistent increase of subscribes and followers to their sites through this technique.

Top 10 famous social bookmarking websites


Twitter is a fantastic tool for social bookmarking that facilitates the user to achieve traffic in two ways. Firstly, by simply posting images, content and link along with their account will technically denote bookmarking. Later, one can access their sharing from their profile. Additionally, one can make use of ‘like’ button for specific tweets. Several twitters use that in order to bookmark interesting stuff for future reference.


It works on the basis of “Show, don’t tell” strategy where one can market their concepts among 70 million users. It remains to be very successful social bookmarking site with 80 percent of its users being women. About 42% of US adult women own a Pinterest account and interestingly almost half of the regular users browse this site prior making any sort of buying decision.


It is one among the top social bookmarking websites where apart from bookmarking; one can store additional details to it including the content type and its subjects.

The best fact about Mix site is its great toolbar which makes the process easy and simple. The users are permitted to add their own interests and based upon which relevant content posted by others are also visible for their view.


Dribble is a beautiful and an excellent bookmarking website focused at designers. It is a great site for inspiration and also a best way to gain traffic for one’s site provided, if he or she being a designer or belongs to a design team.

A better way for earning little traction is possible for one by encouraging their design team to get involved. If they face any downtime in their routine, simply through posting some interesting yet unique designs, they can showcase their presence to the team on Dribble.


A nicely structured and easy-to access, one of the top social bookmarking website that is available with an application to save, in other terms Pocket stuff sites as one goes, for future browse. One can also browse their interesting things by searching on this portal by interest. With more than 22 million users, it creates an additional avenue for the content added to the site among those likely minded people.


Over few years, it has changed a lot. Previously, it resembles Reddit where the site users curate the home page. Now, the front page is being curated by the editors, still with availability of bookmarking function.  Digg an excellent site to search new content and can manage it through one’s profile.


It is the self designed home page of the internet. The users can submit their interesting images, videos, stories or links to the Reddit site and other users can review the same either by upvoting or downvoting such submissions. They can also comment on such posts. By doing so, one can generate a bookmark content list. It is also an excellent social bookmarking site that aids in promotion of one’s content.


Slashdot displays user-shared new stories along with appropriate links related to Linux, computer hardware, games, devices, mobile, cloud, security, storage, book reviews, management and even more.

We Heart it

We Heart it is slightly more specific that sticks on visuals sharing only. Visuals include GIFs, videos and images that act like a social network. It will not permit the user to submit blogs or articles similar to that of Medium. One among the social bookmarking sites for SEO, positioning themselves as a portal for finding inspirational facts. It’s worth considering this site, as it owns approximately 45 million users where the user can submit their own stuff and thereby can increase traffic for their website.


It caters to business, non-profits, professionals and corporations. With more than one million registered Scoop-it users, even though not being the biggest social bookmarking site in the list, still holds a substantial number of audiences. The user can choose either one among the paid plans or can browse free, on the basis of count of topics they post per day.

If you prefer to make use of social bookmarking sites as your marketing strategy, don’t neglect the term “social”. Hence, it is recommended to be an excellent online neighbor and through liking, pinning, upvoting and sharing other user’s interesting content increase your online social presence. Also, never ignore participating in those discussions that deals with your interest.

The exposure for your website gained through such more and more generous act of online presence is that the more you like other content will make them return the favor for your interesting content.

In short, by being a regular online neighbor in such social bookmarking sites will make you uniquely identified by other users and thereby gain more website traffic.

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