content is king

One of the best things which ensure high search engine rankings is quality content. Getting good ranking in Google search results has never depended on writing pages and pages of content. What matters is the quality of the content that you publish. Only good quality content will help you survive the SEO battle.

In this cut throat competitive world, you cannot risk your reputation by giving some low quality content. It will result in less SERP’s ranking. Leave alone if your entire content is of low quality, even when a part of your content is of low quality, there are chances that you might not be on the top of the rankings.

While it may be easier to come up with good quality content, it is certainly difficult to detect the low-quality pieces of content. This way, you can work on the low quality content to improve the site ranking.

quality content

What can be termed as low quality content?

  • Content with very little or no search engine traffic
  • Duplicate content
  • Plagiarized content
  • Content with low word counts
  • Any broken links

How can you fix low quality content?

There are many tools to check how Google is indexing your site. Some of these tools are paid and some of these are free to some extent. Ideal thing to do is to get in touch with a reliable SEO company because a reliable and experienced  Search engine marketing company in India can assist you in this. This will help you see how many of your pages have been indexed by Google. Having 30 posts on your site and only 10 indexed by Google is a red signal. You must get rid of all pages that will not add to the value of your site or your readers.

  • Check for plagiarism and delete all the copied content that you can find on other sites too. Duplicate content is a major reason for being marked as a low quality site. Try to be as original in your presentation and blogs as possible. Unique sites will attract more people than the same old ones.
  • Use proper keywords along with outbound links and create brisk and short writings that will keep the readers interested until the end. Your blogs must contain anywhere between 500 – 1000 words. Though you can add blog posts which have more than 1000 words but you need to make sure that the content is unique, simple to read, interesting and knowledgeable.

content is king

  • Find content with low word count and try to analyse its traffic. Try and optimize these contents.
  • You may have written many good articles in the past, but over time that link may become out-dated or give errors. You can find where all in your site there are broken links present and rectify them. The broken links can be fixed by either updating the post with a new link or you can just mention that the link no longer exists.
  • Remove all the content that is no longer useful or meaningful for the viewers and your business. If you find it hard to delete, you can always update it to the present day. Adding current keywords, using a different approach will drive in the traffic necessary.
  • The posts must all have a unique Meta title and Meta description.

Posting unique and quality content is one of the best search engine optimization strategies and can help reap in amazing results.

Google has particular ideas on what is high quality content and what is low quality. Unique content is what Google values. So, try and create only original, unique content.

You can also consider getting in touch with companies offering quality Content writing services for better results.


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