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6 iOS apps to protect your Photos and Videos

When it comes to searching best iOS apps to protect your Photos and Videos there are plenty of amazing options that are available. These days one of the most imperative features that one considers before purchasing a Smartphone is the amount of mega pixel that its camera carries.

Further the mobile camera comes loaded with all sorts of features that include picture filters, low light imaging, LED flash lights etc. that enhance the quality of picture taken from one’s phone. iPhone is the best of Smartphone that one could ever have.

The users of iPhone often use the phone as a substitute to cameras and snap pictures. Many people come across situations where they do not want to share their pictures over the phone to people who may knowingly or unknowingly use their handset.

To overcome these problems here is some path breaking apps for iOS users, designed to give a shield of protection to the photos one stores. These iOS apps are one of the finest and safest.


Private Photo Vault

  • A feature affluent app that is exceedingly rated on the app store, it helps one protect videos and photos on the iOS device. It permits you to add a pattern, pin or a password to your album in order to protect it. In case a stranger breaks through the app there is an in-built feature of capturing pictures and getting the GPS location along with it. In addition to all this the user may also put up a trap password to keep the album private.

Developer- legendary software labs LLC

Price- Free


Keep Safe

  • This app gives you control of who sees what in your phone gallery by providing an easy- to- use pin pad. This app is more personalized as, the other users of your phone can see the phone gallery but cannot access stuff stored in ‘keep safe’. It also carries a choice of setting passwords for individual albums. One can now choose their own album cover images!

Developer- Keep safe software, Inc

Price- Free

iOS apps



  • Among the list of best iOS apps to protect your Photos and Videos HiFolder is one such app which brings to you a four folder protection that keeps your phone safe and maintains the privacy from snooping eyes. This app provides with the login reports to make a note of people who accessed your folders. It also has pattern and password locks. The un- paid edition of this app stores only 30 pictures and 5 videos.

Developer- Elite Tracy

Price- free


Lock Photo + Video

  • This app enables the user to manage videos, texts, photos, recordings etc with great ease! Decoy accounts can be added for further protection and the admin can even set passwords. In unwanted situations if one is forced to open this app the decoy can help keep private stuff safe.

Developer- Mo Wellin

Price- Free


Best Secret Folder

  • Another practical app in which the user needs to directly add the video from the account through the app. The app is password sheltered so that no one is able to peep- into phone without your permission.

Developer- Elite Tracy

Price- Free

Best iOS apps to protect photos and videos


Secret Photos KYMS

  • This app provides protection in disguise. It appears like a stylish calculator but actually hides a crypt in which all your documents, multimedia files, passwords and much more are stored with a military grade security. It is the only time saving app that decrypts files in no time. Adding to the ease the decryption will work in the background while user can perform other work simultaneously.

Developer- IdeaSolutions S.r.I

Price- Free

Though there are many more such apps that are available on Apple Store but the above mentioned are one of the best and the most downloaded ones.

Try them! You will definitely feel happy.

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