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6 benefits of using Instagram for Business

Have you joined Instagram for business yet? Many of us are already registered on this popular platform. You use it to share pictures, videos and not to forget about those everyday Instagram stories.

It is one of the best social media platforms to portray your life happenings and share them with your friends and family. But ever thought of using this incredible platform as your business buddy? No? Then you are missing out something extremely beneficial.

Millions of people are using this fastest growing platform for business, as it is highly targeting visual advertising platform to attract customers from every nook and corner of the world.

Though there are many more online marketing strategies which can be deployed for good results but using Instagram for business is one of the best online marketing strategies.

Here are the 6 benefits of using Instagram for boosting your business.

1. Easy to popularize your business

Yes it’s easy to hit almost 5k followers in a month. When you make a business profile on Instagram you get to know the insights, i.e. the reach, engagement and number of impressions. The content you post is shareable to almost all social media platforms.

You must follow other popular business profiles and engage in liking and commenting on their posts as it is helpful in alluring the people to your profile.

2. You can schedule posts

For a business person time is money. Moreover, a business person doesn’t even have a single second to waste. So, scheduling your posts is a flexible way to give your busy schedule an ease. Just schedule your posts for 6-7 days on your PC and no need to stress out every day to post the content on your account. This is very helpful in saving your precious time which you can utilize in something more important.

3. Advertising options

Just like other social media platforms, Instagram too have paid advertising options and also the rates are more convenient and reasonable. You surely can run a successful business on this platform without spending a penny. But on the other hand, using these extremely effective advertising features you can create a high reach within a short span.

4. Creates trust among customers

You might have heard that popular quote “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Now just think of something more convenient like an interactive video! It will tell a lot about your business as people believe in seeing rather than reading. You can post pictures and videos on Instagram which makes it easy for people to believe in you and here, another option to go live and directly interact with your followers makes it easier to build a trust among them.

5. High rates of engagement

Studies have shown that Instagram have 58 times more engagement  per follower than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter. So, getting your business marketing on Instagram increases your chances to grow and get recognized on a large scale. Because when you post something on Instagram using relatable hash tags, all your followers will see it as Instagram uses chronological order to display your posts.

6. Connect with people across the world

When it comes to business you need a high reach across every region to bring your business into spotlight. But reaching to all those people across continents is a bit challenging in real life. Wait! Here Instagram will do it for you.

You can also send DMs to communicate with many people. But in order to get positive feedback from the people you message, you need to send messages to people who are somehow related to your business. You can find pages that are your competitors or are related to your business, extract the username of these pages audiences (followers, likers and commenters) and send them your advertising direct messages. 

Repeating this process manually is difficult and time-consuming. To do so, you need a tool that will automatically run this process for you, respecting the limitations of Instagram. 

You can easily connect with millions of people across the world and get known amongst thousands of companies through different hash tags you use in your posts. Moreover, it lets you discover likes and dislikes of people.

From all of these amazing points you can very well judge that Instagram for business is a good option. Just give it a try and I am pretty sure that you will fall in love with excellent results.

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