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7 Mistakes you Should Avoid when running your Ecommerce Business

If you have heavily invested your time and resources in creating your e-commerce store, therefore, you must avoid some lousy e-commerce mistakes, that may cost your investment.

Too much concentration goes towards the selling products when you have created your website that you forget about other important aspects of running an e-store. I am not implying that you should ignore your products, but you should also focus on other factors that are often forgotten or ignored. That said, this post highlights seven ecommerce business mistakes mistakes that are often done when running an e-commerce website. 

1.Ineffective product photography 

We all know the convenience that consumers expect from the Best eCommerce Services. However, one setback of buying products from an e-store is that the consumer doesn’t get to see the physical product in real life. Most of them will only rely on the images on your e-commerce website. Since the image is dependable to decide what they want to purchase, it is essential to make the images clear enough for your consumers to know that they are buying. You don’t want an instance where the consumer complains that he or she got a product that they don’t expect, just because the images were of poor quality.  

One of the most common and highly recommended ecommerce website is Amazon which offers clear pictures of the products that are listed.

2.Badly written product descriptions

If you want your consumers to understand what you are selling besides using images and photographs, you also need to create detailed product descriptions. The product descriptions don’t need to be long essays that bore the consumer. They are looking for information to understand what they are buying. If you are going to give them enough information, eventually, they will be compelled to purchase the product convinced by the description you have given.¬†Among various ecommerce business mistakes, this mistake must be dealt with utmost importance.

3.Dodgy customer reviews

Another important aspect that a consumer depends on when trying to purchase online is a product review. They give the potential consumer a clear picture of what to expect from a given product. The majority of people who shop online want to hear from other consumers who have already used the product and what their experience was. Therefore, don’t forget to include a customer review section where they can refer to when trying to make a purchase.

4.Aggressive returns policies

In most countries, the customer is allowed to refuse the goods and return it if he or she feels that it doesn’t meet the required standard. Most ecommerce services make it difficult for this to happen by putting strict clauses regarding returning the goods. If you are one such company, you should rethink about the stringent measures like paying for returning fees. If you don’t want to lose you, customers, it is good that stand for returning charges. After all, if you are selling quality products, this won’t happen.

5.Hard to navigate site structure

It was hard enough to convince prospects about your products, don’t worsen it by having a poorly structured website. Customers want to enter your website and make quick purchases without trying to figure out how your site works. Don’t make them think, just let them products in their shopping carts period! By making your website intuitive and user-friendly, you make it easy for your visitors to locate, what they are searching for and they won’t contemplate clicking to another site. 

6.Complicated checkouts and surprises 

To avoid consumers abandoning a sale at the checkout, you need to make the checkout process seamless with no last-minute surprises. The problem with most eCommerce websites is that they hide their shipping costs until the very last part of the process. When clients realize the product will cost more than they had anticipated, they will bail out and abandon the carts. This is not good especially if you are just starting. The best way to approach this is to include shipping costs on your products and mention that you offer free shipping. This will show them that you are transparent and trustworthy compared to ambushing them with extra shipping costs. 

7.Poor website loading times 

This concerns your website hosting. When setting up an e-commerce store, be careful which web hosting you choose, or it may end up costing you in the future. No one likes a slow loading website, especially your consumers. A single lost second will cost you a sale or two and will also adversely affect the overall conversion rate. This also cuts the number of pages viewed. If you are using shared hosting, switch a self or dedicated hosting provider with super-fast loading speeds. 


All these ecommerce business mistakes may cost you your store, and you may end up shutting down your business. They shouldn’t be ignored even for a single minute. Your site speed is the most crucial of them all, and if you feel like your hosting is not doing you justice, just shift to a reliable one. User experience is everything when it comes to running an online store.

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