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Top Digital Marketing Trends to Explore in 2024

Everywhere we go, technology has an enormous impact on our lives. With technology, we can now perform manual jobs easily. Aside from making the workload lighter, technology has helped in the growth of the world’s economy.

Technology has grown thousands of businesses into a multi-million enterprise. It has supported small businesses in its journey to establish itself. Hence, the economy grows, and we continue to expand too.

Now that 2024 is approaching, there are things to expect, particularly in the digital marketing realm. We are about to see changes or growth from software, apps, and platforms. These emerging changes will be a key component in the success of a business.

Stay on track with what’s new to keep your brand relevant and growing for the coming year.

Here are digital marketing trends or platforms that we’ll be seeing this 2024.

Influencers’ Power

In 2023, influencer marketing tactics have been a trend that grows thousands of businesses online. Their voice has been a powerful strategy to build a business and to promote a brand to a larger group of people.

We are more likely to hear from these influencers. Companies will invest more in influencer marketing to increase their sales in 2024. They have noticed that this way of marketing has double their return of investment (ROI) to about 89%, compared to other forms of marketing strategy.

Influencers, whether those with 3000 followers have an impact on customers’ buying habits. About 49% of people depend on the recommendation of an influencer. And, 40% of those individuals, purchase a product they saw on social media.

TikTok Will Grow as A Platform

Instagram has been the go-to social media of many people, from influencers to digital marketers, and this is yet to stay for the coming year. However, a new social media app, but not so new, will be another aid to digital marketers, TikTok.

TikTok is a social media app that allows people to share videos. Since videos are the new trend, people, especially the Gen Z, are the users of this platform. This year, TikTok has already begun introducing ads, and perhaps this coming year, it would grow and become another place for digital marketing to explore.

Video Content Marketing

Since social media, aside from YouTube, has already allowed users to watch videos online, the demand has increased in the past years. Now people prefer to watch a video or stream online than to watch on TV.

Videos online are a handy way for viewers to entertain themselves wherever they go. Hence, marketing teams have grabbed this opportunity to grow their brand. If you want to watch a video or stream online and want to analyze the stats then make sure to adapt to latest strategies for effective results.

Instead of the usual or traditional TV commercials, content for promoting a product has changed a lot. It became more of a story to tell about the brand and something that will tick a person’s emotion.

Since social media won’t go away soon, so is video marketing. In 2024, 99% of marketing experts will continue to use videos as a means of promoting a brand. Seeing this huge amount of investment in video marketing means that we will expect more creative and innovative videos.

Aside from YouTube, other places like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more are great places to market video content.

Shoppable Post

There are 500 million daily active users of Instagram and it has been the number one platform for influencers. With this amount of daily users, Instagram has also become a place for shopping items. Hence, the Instagram team has now made shopping easy. 

In 2017, Instagram launched its shoppable post to make shopping experiences for Instagram users convenient. This way of marketing has grown up to today, and there will be more to be seen in the coming years.

Shopping with a shoppable post is easy, as users don’t have to leave the post. They can simply click on the link provided on the post. What’s even great is when Instagram has announced its Instagram Checkout this year.

Instagram Checkout makes shopping experience effortless. Shoppers can easily click on the product link on the post and proceed to the checkout page.

Now that Instagram has up their game when it comes to marketing strategy, we can expect more of this convenient shopping in 2024.

AI or Chatbots

If you think social media is the only thing that will grow in 2024? Think again. On the coming years, digital marketing experts or professionals will invest in chatbots to help a business trend grow.

There are many benefits when it comes to investing in an AI.

  1. It’s affordable as compared to hiring a person to do the job.
  2. It can assist customers 24/7.
  3. It can grow the income of a business, as it answers any inquiry of a customer’s quickly.
  4. There’s no need for customer to complain when it comes to customer service because chatbots are not moody. It’s easy to deal with them.

Aside from helping customers out, this AI can analyze a customer’s shopping behavior. Knowing what your customers want, makes it easy for you to provide. Hence, increasing your business’s profit.

Voice Search

In the past years, voice search has grown into a million users, and by 2024 it is predicted that 50% of searches will be conducted using voice search. Therefore, getting in with this trend is a must for business owners.

Voice searches are often preferred by consumers, as it is easy to interact with and fast. Hence, businesses who have included voice search into their marketing strategy can be one step ahead of their competitors.

Having a voice search-friendly SEO can also increase a website’s or business’s ranking. Google has included the use of voice search as one of the criteria to increase your ranking on their algorithm.

Automation Platform

If you are a business owner or part of a marketing team, you understand that promoting your product or brand 24/7 is important, but a difficult job. The difficulty encountered to promote one’s business for 24/7 has been alleviated with the development of automated platforms.

There are hundreds of marketing tools or automated marketing software that can be used to make brand promotion easy. These automated platforms can help schedule posts anytime, track engagement or performance of a post, provide customer service, and increase sales.

In 2023, about 51% of companies are using automation tools, and this could increase in the coming years. Therefore, if your business hasn’t invested in one, it’s time to do so.

Google’s Gallery Ads

We become a visual generation. We like looking at images and watching videos because it’s easy to understand and connect with such. That is why video marketing and social media platforms such as Instagram became popular and would still be on the coming year.

Now Google has also up their game when it comes to advertisement and the visual experience. Earlier this year, Google announced that it would be launching a new feature, the Gallery Ad. This new feature of Google is only seen on mobile phone users.

Instead of seeing an advertisement with descriptions written on it, Google has now incorporated advertisements with up to 8 images and a short description.

This form of advertising has a similarity with Facebook’s Carousel ads.

Conclusion: With the advancement in technology and the continuous demand of consumers, digital marketing will grow more and more. We are to expect not only growth from the mentioned trends above, but new software, apps, and technologies that will be developed in the coming years.

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