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How to Get Traffic from Pinterest to your Blog?

In order to get traffic from Pinterest to your blog, there are some important strategies that you need to follow. Pinterest is a highly trending platform these days, which can help your blog get traffic. Basically Pinterest is a tool with lots of visual images that depict great ideas and views that people all over the world carry.

It helps one with different ideas for projects or even ideas which might help people persuade their interests. Pinterest is a place for all creative heads with spectacular imaginations and craft.

They all have a vivid imagination which in turn attracts people to follow them on this site and even helps them to share their ideas and craft. This platform has also proved to be helpful in bringing together people with same interests and discovering new things by browsing various categories and boards. One can easily shift the number of followers or traffic from pinterest to their sites or blogs in the following ways.

Creating a Blog Board

  • A blog board is simply a page that a person creates specifically for their personal blogs and articles. In order to get more traffic it is advisable to create a blog board on pinterest where the people with similar ideas can easily approach you. Generally the blog board should be named after a catchy phrase or the main idea of your content.
  • This will help users to easily locate what they are searching for. Useful keywords when used in pinterest can make the articles include in the search engines bringing more traffic.

Being Original

  • It has been shrewdly observed that that almost 85% of the pins on pinterest are re-pinned. Which means there is a graph that shows decreasing amount of creativity on the site. It is obvious that people are interested in new and innovative ideas and will not visit the site if they don’t get any.
  • So if a person wants traffic they will have to stand apart from the crowd and come up with something new that will attract everyone to their page.

The Learning

  • Sometimes people are not just interested in the new and artistic things that one puts up. People are also interested in the method or the procedure behind making of that piece so that they can try the same. People who visit pinterest are generally interested to know and learn new things. So if they need what they get, your page will likely to have more followers and it is even possible that people re-pin your posts are spread them like a fire.
  • This will surely bring more recognition to your page and people will eagerly look forward for more such things for you to put up.

The Trending New

  • The most common formula to attract people is by uploading articles that are related to the trending season like ides or articles related to valentines, Christmas, New Year’s etc. People want different ideas related to the season going on and which proves to be helpful for them.
  • It has been recorded that pins that include keywords relating to the trending topics get more views when compared to the others. Pinterest experiences a variety of ideas during the ongoing seasons which in turn create a lot of completion among different blog holders for coming up with something different and new.

Two Way Process

  • It is very important for the blogger to have an interaction with the followers which is termed as a two way process. This helps to maintain the interest of the followers in the particular page and also helps the blogger to know the likes and dislikes of their followers which can further be considered during the time of improvisation.
  • Communication is considered the best tool for expressing thoughts that the pins don’t express or fail to express. It is very important to be honest at the time of communication. This is because fake thoughts or ideologies won’t create long term followers.

Organizing Contests

  • Bloggers must find innovative ways to engage their followers and what better than organizing a contest or a quiz that drags the attention of people. In this way people communicate as well as tend to bring in more followers with them.
  • This is a healthy participation that increases the knowledge content and at the same time brings in new amount of information in the limelight which was not known before. As recorded such contests bring a huge traffic to the site and engage a lot of people at the same time.

‘Pin It’

  • Make sure that you always include the ‘pin it’ button whenever uploading posts on pinterest. This makes it easier for people who view them to share the posts if they like it. The more shares the more number of views and the more number of view the more traffic you get. If people like it they will definitely click the pin it button which means your post has been shared for the others to have a glance over it.

All these methods are aimed towards increasing the followers on Pinterest. If carried on properly they are sure to reap fruitful results. Though you can traffic from Twitter as well but Pinterest is becoming increasingly popular these days.



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