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Incredible Health and Fitness Apps on Android

Health and Fitness apps are latest fad. As the name goes smart phones are becoming way to smart anybody could have ever imagined. From browsing to playing games everything is just a click away, why not health?

Yes, hard to believe but your very own smart phone can keep the track of your health, build up schedules for you and even remind you about your current health status.

Here are to your knowledge some incredible and top rated android based free health and fitness apps that can manage your health the way you never thought.

Google Fit

  • Google brings you this amazing app named Google fit! It is compatible with android phones and other android devices too. It tracks your walking, running and cycling activities thereafter suggesting a workout plan based on one’s weight and the activities performed.
  • One can set day-to-day goals by considering the calories burnt or steps taken in order to generate a progressive report. What adds to the perfection is that, this app can also be connected to third party fitness devices.


  • A specially designed app Runtastic that tracks your fitness activities like, jogging, hiking, running, biking, walking and a lot more using GPS navigation systems.
  • It tracks all your movements like distance, duration, calories burnt, strength workouts etc; that immensely contributes to your healthy lifestyle helps you reach fitness goals. A popular app with Google Play and has more than a million users.


  • As the name suggests Runkeeper is an app that keeps a track of your training, walks, run and other activities using GPS.
  • It comes with auto- sync of your polar heart rate that studies your heart rate and maintains the heart rate zone. It is one of the highly rated apps on play store. Though there are several bio-feedback devices that are available in the market but such apps can help you monitor essential parameters free of cost.


  • Yet another marvel, Endomono app records your running activities or any other physical exercise, with a constant motivation and most importantly turning out the process of workout into sheer fun. This app is liked by all and is also available in the form of paid app with added features. The sad part is that this app is going to get discontinue W.E.F 31st March 2021.

Nike+ Training Club

  • A highly recommended app that showers on you a range of 100+ workouts from NIKE MASTER TRAINER, along with better training and motivation altogether.
  • Calculation of your efforts, workouts and calories is so much effortless now.

Nike + Running

  • A specialized app that helps you reaches your goals. Be it running your very first race or setting new personal goals. It provides motivation, irrespective of one being a first timer or a marathon champion. GPS in fusion with MotionX and accelometer gives you the perfect distance and pace tracking. Measuring your progress is even better with the new in-run audio feedback.

Instant Heart Rate

  • Among various health and fitness apps, It is the most accurate heart rate monitor app for android users. It calculates your heart beat in a couple of seconds by just placing one’s finger on the back camera. And you get your rates on screen.
  • By using the build in camera the app tracks the colour changes on the finger tips to measure the pulse.

MSN Health and Fitness

  • A perfect package for all your health needs, MSN health and fitness app has 1000+ workout videos, medical and health references and a symptom checker.
  • To maintain a healthy lifestyle. One can easily record time, pace, distance and calories burnt while running/walking. With the availability of GPS, this app is perfection in itself.

So, what you are waiting for? Try any of these amazing health and fitness apps and you will be able to monitor your body and health related parameters in a completely new and user friendly way.



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