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2020 as we all know was one of the toughest years of human history. Not only companies but individuals struggled to make both ends meet. But as they necessity is the mother of invention, a new normal thing has emerged from this covid fallout and it is work from home. Yes, more and more people as well as business houses have started opting for work from home.

There are several reasons or we can say benefits of the same and here we are going to discuss the same. Let us try find why work from home is a new normal post pandemic:

Cost cutting is a major point to consider

Let us try to be straight forward. Though health safety of the employees is definitely a priority of companies but because of less business or income being generated cost cutting is a major point to consider. There are several things which also needs to be considered such as productivity gains, work-life balance and much more.

work from home

Easy Availability of Internet Access is an Awesome Contributor

Across the world, internet access has improved considerably and it is helping companies allow its employees work from home post pandemic. Take for example in India one of the best IT companies TCS which has openly declared that its major workforce almost 75% will work from home till 2025. Now that is a big step towards employee freedom and easy of doing work.

Not only such policies will help company cut down its operational costs but will also help employees work from the freedom of their home and spend time with their families.

Also, by reducing the work from office workforce, the company will be able to achieve its productivity gains which is a major factor in overall growth of the IT business.

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