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All you need to know about latest messaging app Google Allo

A Smartphone is incomplete without a messaging app. Millions of applications are being used on a daily basis. People are getting dependent on mobile apps because of their easy use and huge benefits. With the help of apps, people can now pay bills within seconds, find locations, learn languages and avail many more benefits. In simple words, mobile apps have become an important part of everyone’s life.

Google Allo is one of the latest and innovative apps released by Google. This messaging app will help you to express yourself in a better way. This application includes smart stickers, wide collection of emoticons and doodles, which will help you to express your views in a smart way.

Let’s have a look at some of the features of Google Allo, which makes this app completely different from commonly used messaging applications in today’s world.

Google Assistant

  • Google now is one of the commonly used applications across the globe. Anyone who owns an Android Smartphone knows the value of Google now. This new message application is also known as an extension of Google now, which makes it better than the existing messaging apps. Since it has an inbuilt Google assistant, you can use it for finding out locations, restaurants and appropriate answers for your different queries.

Get instant help

  • As you know, you can take help of the Google assistant to find appropriate answers for your queries. The best part about this feature is that, you do not need to leave your chat for taking help from Google assistant. During your chat only, you can simply access this feature and get an instant help.

Reply suggestions

  • If you are in a hurry and do not have enough time to reply to the messages, then don’t worry. Depending on the last message you have received on your Smartphone, Google Allo will offer you some suggestions. These suggestions will be based on your texting pattern and your replies to previous messages. In short, these suggestions will help you to reply to the messages in a very quick time.

Image recognition

  • Not only this application will scan your texting pattern, but this app will also scan the images too. This app can easily differentiate between the multiple objects and will suggest you a reply accordingly. Isn’t it a smart feature a messaging app should have?


  • This might not be a new feature, you will find out in a chatting application. Google Allo allows you to write or draw doodles on the picture before sending them to your friends or family. This feature allows you to show off your creative skills. You can draw smileys on the images or add text to it to make the images more interesting.

Whisper and Shout effect

  • With the coming up of this application, many new features have been unlocked by Google. Whisper and shout effect is another new feature, which adds a little bit of fun in the texting. This feature allows you to adjust the size of the message before sending it to your friends.
  • In order to increase the text size, you simply need to slide the send button upwards. This effect is called a ‘shout’ effect. For whisper effect, which results in decreasing the text size, you need to slide the send button in the downwards direction.

Incognito mode

  • This is one of the new features, you will find out in a messenger. This application allows you to turn on the incognito mode and then chat with your friends or family. Incognito mode means all of your chats will be an end to end encrypted, which means no other application or server will have the access to read your messages. This feature will mostly benefit the businessman, who wants to exchange confidential details with their clients.

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  • Without any doubt, messaging applications are the best medium to exchange messages, images, videos and other files with your friends and family. However, these applications are not at all safe as it can be easily hacked and your important data might get stolen.
  • This new messaging app has kept this point in mind and as a result has especially focused on the security. Google Allo allows you to disappear your messages from the application after a specific interval. This feature will keep your important details from the other users, who can easily access your Smartphone.

Unique stickers

  • Stickers play a vital role in chatting. Whenever, you fail to express your views through words, stickers will help you to explain them perfectly. In short, stickers make the chat more interesting. This application has a wide collection of stickers, but the Google has promised to add more innovative stickers in the future. Though you can use various video editing apps on Android for editing videos or creating your favourite stickers but these innovative stickers offered by Google Allo are simply outstanding.

Huge collection of emoticons

  • As you all know, emoticons are the best way to express your feelings. This new application has a huge collection of emoticons, which will help you to express your feelings and mood swings through different emoticons.

Final Word

If you compare this app with the existing messengers, then you will definitely find out some new and promising features. Incognito mode, image recognition and smart reply are the new features, which makes this application far better than all the messaging applications currently available in the app store.

Apart from the innovative features, this app will offer you the best safety, which will keep your important data safe. Another exciting feature to look out in this application is the Google assistant. Whenever, you are stuck in a problem and are not able to find an appropriate solution. Just, take help of the Google assistant and it will help you to perfectly solve it.

Google Allo is available on Android as well as iOs platform. Within a few days of its releases, millions of Smartphone users have already installed it on their phone and has witnessed a new way of chatting. So, what are you waiting for, log on to Google play store or app store and install this app now. This application is available for free of cost.



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