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Reasons For the Immense Popularity of Laravel Framework

When looking for the best PHP frameworks to create and run your web application, you get some formidable contenders like Laravel, Codeigniter, PHP, Ruby on the Rails and Symfony. Due to the several available good options, you might be spoilt for choice.

Here, we pay special attention to Laravel and go over some features (fast web apps can be built via this framework) that make this framework stand out from the crowd.

It is quite common to overpromise and under deliver, but leading Laravel application development teams in Vancouver know how to leverage its powerful features for top-notch results. For example, taking advantage of the Artisan feature helps cut down coding time, allowing the developers to focus on other intricacies that matter.

What is Laravel? See why it is preferred by the best Laravel Development Company in Vancouver.

In 2011, Taylor Otwell created Laravel as a free and open-source PHP framework. Otwell designed it to follow the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture pattern suitable for developing web apps.

Laravel is hosted on GitHub and issued under the MIT license. On GitHub, developers can easily have it on the fingertips due to its accurate and expressive language rules.

Before Laravel came around, PHP was struggling to meet the demands of increasingly complicated website functionalities. To make things work just right, developers needed to do insane amounts of coding – a painstaking, time-consuming process.

Laravel made all that simple.

Laravel won the hearts and minds of leading smart creatives in Vancouver, who enjoyed its more straightforward, faster, expressive, and easy-to-run web applications. A seasoned Laravel Development Company can help you achieve your goals pretty fast and you can enjoy refined performance.

The nuts and bolts of its popularity came down to six essential improvements from PHP.

1. Laravel handles traffic like a boss

2. Laravel offers some of the best authentication options in the market

3. It is an open-source, modular framework.

4. The MVC architecture enables Laravel to stay ahead of the rest of the pack

5. Laravel keeps technical vulnerabilities at bay, safeguarding the (future) web app from malware.

6. Hassle-free database migration

1. Laravel handles traffic like a boss

Businesses looking to invest in a web application will love Laravel. Web apps and single page sites built using the framework can handle more and more traffic and scale up accordingly.

Web apps experiencing surges in traffic make more requests per second. If these apps were built using other frameworks, and depending on their arrangement with their hosts, more than usual traffic can come with extra costs. Some web servers cannot scale beyond traffic limits, which causes them to lose data.

On the other hand, Laravel comes with some tricks up its sleeves. For starters, it uses a load-balancing system that keeps the server healthy and operational, even at higher loads. To get the most out of the framework, work with Winterwind. It is a reputable Laravel development agency in Vancouver.

2. Laravel offers some of the best authentification options in the market

A complete web-app user authentication system consists of the registration, login, and password reset system. Laravel was designed to provide all these features with a swish of the wand. A single command makes all these come to life. Laravel also provides a way to control access to resources and keep the authorization logic organized.

3. It is an open-source, modular framework.

The vibrant community of developers continuously contribute to streamlining its pre-built functions. This means that teams using Laravel can access solutions to their issues quickly. The development cycle is more likely to flow smoothly, ensuring the timely shipping of the product.

The modular, pre-built functions are handy tools for building web applications fast and intuitively. There is absolutely no reason to invest tons of time writing long lines of code. This saves developer time and the money needed to get the app up and to run.

4. The MVC architecture enables Laravel to stay ahead of the rest of the pack

As stated above, Laravel makes use of the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, which provides excellent built-in functionalities, unrivaled performance, and exceptional documentation. Developers who use MVC architecture effectively can ship apps that work seamlessly. MVC helps with unimpeded app flow when users are communicating with the web app database.

5. Laravel keeps technical vulnerabilities at bay, safeguarding the (future) web app from malware.

Some of the most significant web threats include cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and cross-site request forgery. Throughout the software development life cycle, the time and money spent on fixing these vulnerabilities increase.

It is more expensive to eliminate technical vulnerabilities after the production phase than the same task during the earlier stages, like the product identification phase or the design stage.

Developers who use Laravel are a happy bunch when it comes to safeguarding against threats. The framework comes armed to the bone against cross-site scripting, SQL injections, and request forgeries.

Besides, Laravel is secured in every way, preventing malware and other threats from accessing and infiltrating the web app. The code is secure by design. Startups and established businesses can never compromise when it comes to security – and Laravel provides just that.

Hassle-Free Database Migration

Web developers are usually tasked with keeping and maintaining the database. With Laravel, developers can stay on top of the database synchronization – which safeguards data loss and instability. It also ensures that there is unrestricted authorized access to sensitive client data.

Pick Laravel for Your Web App Development Needs

As demonstrated above, Laravel is loaded with features. To unleash its potential, you can engage the best Laravel development agencies in Vancouver, Canada. A good and experienced company can really help bring out unbeatable PHP development solutions.

Laravel’s vibrant community keeps on refining the current cutting-edge features like the Artisan console, the instant (ready-made) applications, template engines, and more. Newer features are also being added regularly.

A great web app works seamlessly while its core technology stays ahead of the curve. Businesses that would want to improve the functionality of their Symfony or Codeigniter web apps would find value in Laravel.

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