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Samsung Galaxy M31 Review, Price, and specifications

If we ever talk about smartphones, one of the top brands which comes to our mind is Samsung. Around 65% of folks in the world uses Samsung Galaxy smartphones due to its a wide range of specifications, up to date hardware, and affordable price.

Samsung has launched its latest Samsung smartphone legatee in M30 Series, which is called Samsung M31. This has earned enormous popularity in the market just like it’s previous M series versions. In this, Samsung has manged the low price with outstanding features by selling online that reduces its distributor’s cost and other expenses. With this strategical move, Samsung has received top positions in the market.

If you are thinking the reason for lowering the price of phones is just because they are now no longer to make such good phones, then it’s completely wrong. Since its establishment and till today, Samsung has maintained its strong position in the market via introducing the range of Samsung galaxy and the new M-series. The purpose of lowering the price is just enhancing customer satisfaction at an affordable range.

Now, you are wondering what exactly Samsung galaxy M31 has introduced. So to answer all your questions we have generated this updated Samsung Galaxy M31 review price. Here you will find the best information regarding its features, price, and other comprehensive things that could help you to know whether it is competitive in the market.

So, let us get started!

Design & Display Samsung Galaxy M31

To be very friendly, while comparing Samsung Galaxy M30 with Samsung M31 we do not find any difference in both from the front. Both smartphones have a big screen, 6.4inch display, water-resistant notches that Samsung refers as U displays. Moreover, Samsung uses the same manufacturing material, a plastic that has been used almost all Galaxy handsets to manufacture M31.

While picking this phone, you won’t feel the weight. It is lightweight and sleek that never give discomfort to your hands. The corners and sides of this phone barely soft and provide the best grip. The earpiece is well placed in the middle of the front screen. You will find it’s power and volume button on the right side of the device. The sim port tray does not yet review perfectly, but yes there is one drawback came from the users that the volume button is not placed perfectly. 

On the other hand, it has 3.5mm jack which is placed to support your microphone or earphones, so you can enjoy the music. The speaker is at the bottom of the phone and includes USB-type-C port. Whereas at the top you will get only secondary microphone support.

When we talk about Samsung Galaxy M31 back, it looks fantastic. You will find some changes which are far amazing then M30. And it is because, M31 has the fourth camera, placed just next to the fingerprint scanner. This is comfortable to use and hold both camera and phone longer.

Battery specifications Samsung M31

Now we come to its battery life, which is important for every user to know for the first. Samsung M31 has a 6,000mAh battery that makes this device highly useful. This is also packed with 15w charger, so you can charge it easily whenever the battery goes down.

Right now, Samsung M31 is available in two colours one is blue and second is black. Both are vibrant colours and most picked colours in the market. There is no technical issue found and no revisions required. If you want the smartphone under 18000 then Samsung Galaxy M31 can be worth to buy.

Features & Specifications Samsung Galaxy M31

Samsung Galaxy M31 has great features but quite similar to Galaxy M30. It has the same screen size 6.4 inch AMOLED with high dimension resolution. Moreover, it includes Gorilla glass to protect the phone from external damage such as scratches and screen damage while falling out on the surface. This has impressive viewing angles to choose from. All you set your desired one and enjoy the phone. you have also option to change its white balance.

Samsung M31 includes 9611 Exynos octa-core processor with 4 accomplishment such as:

  • ARM Cortex A73 cores clocked at 2.3 g h Z
  • 4 efficiency cortex-A53 cores clocked at 1.7ghz.
  • Mali-G72 GPU for graphics. 

Now we turn into its storage variants and it includes 6GB of RAM where you have to choose between the 64GB storage variant to 128 GB storage variant. The price will range from 15000 to 18000 respectively. One of the best news regarding Samsung Galaxy M31 Review Price is Samsung now offer a thousand rupees discount on each selling products, so you have an opportunity to claim this brilliant offer.

If we consider it’s software then the Galaxy M30 one opted one UI 2.0 which is top of Android 10. In this phone, you will get a number of inbuilt features such as Google Apps, Facebook, Samsung max, Candy Crush Saga and other features that keep you entertained. All you need to be careful while changing the settings on your device and make sure that you have complete knowledge about setting up the information and ID.

The camera performance of Samsung Galaxy M31

The new range of Samsung Galaxy M31hits up with high RAM as compared to its previous versions. It is a multitasking mobile phone that does not freeze and take time to load activities. However, this includes a narrowly longer battery life than the others. The fingerprint scanner is very quick and the camera quality is just perfect, so you can enjoy the great quality content on your phone.

It supports Quad camera features it has 32-megapixel selfie camera and 64 megapixels the back camera, which can click your picture with full resolution. The other two cameras also available which are of 8 megapixels for Ultra-wide range and 5 megapixels for the depth sensor which is also called as a macro camera.

Final Words

Samsung Galaxy has created the best innovation in the market and it is capable to everyone’s needs with affordable price. so you can buy Galaxy M31 hassle-free and its powerful processor is highly competitive in the market.

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