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The Top 5 Websites to Sell Your Stock Pictures

Planning to sell your stock pictures? If you are a professional photographer or have gained a good knowledge of photography and want to make a living out of it, then you are in the right place. The Internet has really become crucial for everyone and if you have a huge collection of stock photos then you can sell them off on the Internet. Yes, you can make money by selling your photographs.

There are many websites which let you sell your stock picture quickly.  If you know the right places to sell your stock images, then you can earn a healthy income by selling them. Not just small businesses, but big corporations are also now on the web platform with their websites.

They are always in search for stock images which they can use on their websites. If you are searching for a way to sell your photos, then the following list of websites help you to sell your stock pictures immediately. 

The Top 5 Websites to Sell Your Stock Pictures

  1. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is one of the most popular platforms for photographers and video editors and ranks well among The top 5 Websites to Sell Your Stock Pictures. If you are good at taking professional photographs and have decided to sell them on the web platform, then Shutterstock comes first. Most professional photographers choose this platform to contribute their work. 

Another best part about this website is that even a normal person who is not well acquainted with professional photography can also upload pictures and get them approved to earn money. All you need to do is to have a good quality camera or smartphone. Click some good pictures and upload them on Shutterstock and once the images get approved, you are good to go.

The platform is easy to use, and anyone can start selling their photos, illustrations, and videos on this platform. The platform has been on the market for ten years and had customers from around the world. Shutterstock provides a bridge between digital contributors and buyers who are searching for copyrighted photographs to use for various purposes. 

To earn money through Shutterstock, you need to sign up for the Contributor’s account. If you are passionate about photography and love to edit videos professionally, then this website makes you rich. Yes, you can quickly start making dollars using this platform just by selling off your photographs. 

The platform pays you $0.25 per download. Of course, the amount per download will be increased if your photos are doing great on the platform. 

Shutterstock will pay you after your earning reaches to $35. You can easily upload and edit your photos and can make them visible to the buyers on this platform. 

  1. Dreamstime

Dreamstime is yet another popular photo-selling platform allowing the photographers from around the world, to contribute and sell their photos. The platform lets you sell your photos, videos, and images quickly. 

Unlike other platforms, this platform accepts all types of stock images of yours. You can also upload the editorial images on this platform which you can quickly sell out. According to the level of your photographs, you will be paid. The amount depends upon the downloads of your photos. If you have maintained the excellent reputation of selling the images, then you will get paid more money. 

To earn money, you have to achieve different levels on the platform. There are total five levels available for the contributors on this platform. You can find out more about the Earning Breakdown for the contributors from here. The platform serves a decent interface for the contributors. Just create an account, gain knowledge and start earning money. 

Dreamstime is way better than other platforms as it accepts all types of images. The pay per download is also higher than the other platform. Your photos must be at least 3 MB of size.

  1. Bigstock

Bigstock lets you sell stock images and photographs to the contributors. To contribute on this platform, you have to go through a short quiz. The quiz asks you some basic questions, and you can quickly pass it out. 

Unlike other platforms, BigStock serves most decent interface for the contributors. You can easily upload your photographs on this platform. The platform also lets you upload and tag multiple images at once. 

Once your earning reaches $30, you will get paid. The payout is given weekly, so if you have made $30 in the first week, you will get paid in the next week. The platform lets you earn up to $0.38 for one download. 

  1. 123rf

123rf is not the topmost platforms but is an ideal platform for the newbies. This platform shows you earning in credits and not in dollars. The platform accepts the photos with 6MB of size. If you are uploading an image of 5MB, this platform will not accept it. 

The platform has an easy to upload process; you can upload your stock images quickly on this platform just like Shutterstock. 

Here, you have to reach out to different levels to earn more. If you have achieved a reasonable level of the contributor, you will get paid more per downloads. 

The minimum payment is $50, and they pay you monthly. So if you have earned $49 this month, you will get paid it in the next month. 

  1. IStock

Just like Shutterstock, iStock is also a very popular platform for the photographers. To contribute on this platform, you have to go through a short test. If you pass this test, you will become a contributor on this platform. The Minimum payout of iStock is $100. Once you reach total earning of $100, you will get paid. 

The platform lets you also become an exclusive contributor which allows you to earn even more money. Your photos will be sold at the highest rates, and you will get a good commission for that. 

IStock lets you earn $1 per download of your photo. The upload process of this platform is a little complex, and you have to stick to it for some time to understand the upload process. 

IStock has been around for years and gained a good reputation on the web platform. The platform has thousands of exclusive contributors who sell regular photos and earn thousands of bucks easily. The platform lets you upload images of different sizes. 

These are all the most popular photo-selling websites available on the web-world. You can become rich and famous if you are taking good photographs through your DSLR or smartphone. The websites serve a decent interface, and they also pay good money for your photographs. If you have a bunch of stock images, you can go ahead and start contributing to these websites to begin earning some passive income. 

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