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Understanding the Benefits of Liferay Portal

Liferay Portal has emerged as one of the best platforms to develop websites, these days. Organisations are making prudent in choosing Liferay. A user friendly and dynamic platform for building website will definitely help businesses to save time, energy, and money.

The platform works effectively on desktop, mobile and everything that falls in between. One can expect all of the standard applications required running on a website.

It also offers an easy to use development framework to ensure smooth customisation or accessibility to new applications required.


People all over the world are presently using an open source approach to develop Liferay Portal. It comes integrated with a dynamic and highly reliable code base which is stable in mission critical execution in varied industries.

Liferay consulting services can undertake this task in many ways. One of the most common ways is to install Liferay Portal for website management. This process is also helpful in publishing content.

The Benefits of Liferay Portal

  • It serves as a platform that helps transform your entire business. DXP is compatible with almost all departments. Whether it is marketing customer service, operations, or anything else, Liferay platform can implement a digital strategy in no time.
  • Liferay is designed to be very fast and flexible. This helps implementation and verification of changes or modifications in strategy fast.
  • Development and management of modular business services for fast implementation of digital strategy is easier.
  • One can easily create business processes using flexible workflow tools.
  • Although a tough platform, it is devised to meet changing customer demands.

Liferay Structure

Liferay – Extension and Customization

It is easier to use the Liferay portal as a development platform for the advanced and latest applications. Liferay Portal can also be extended and modified easily. It is an open source project and this ensures that the source code is easily available.

The developers of Liferay Portal have designed the product to allow building of whatever the user expects.

Application Display templates help customizing Liferay Portal easily. The templates allow change of appearance of built-in applications. For instance, if you want to change the view of Documents and Media Library’s file manager containing large icons will help develop an Application Display template. This is quite helpful as you can display documents in a different view.

There’s much more to Liferay Portal. Developers can easily change the interface and the behavior of Liferay using certain modules and software components. This is not all. There is absolutely no need to modify source code for the same. This also means one can enjoy the benefits of building a website from scratch without having to make efforts involved with the procedure.

If you want to make changes to user registration screens, all you need to do is add support for a proprietary single sign-on mechanism that has been written by you. Thereafter, add a feature to message board application for creating customizations.

Most developers understand the importance of a platform that does things the way they wish to than having to write a specific feature from scratch. Such things can be customised easily.

Liferay Portal will make it all easier and enjoyable for you.

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