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6 Best Video Editing Apps on Android

Today, the camera that one carries in the phone has multi-tasking functions. People record videos as well as click images with the help of their mobile cameras. Like Android has some mind blowing picture editing apps, similarly it has also come up with some of the best video editing apps for its users. With the help of these below stated apps the user is even allowed to share the edited video. So here are some of the finest apps available on android platform that offers great features and are also highly rated.

KineMaster- Pro Video Editor

  • A professional video editing app by nature, KineMaster is an influential app available on the play store and is capable of competing with any PC video editing app with reference to its functions.
  • The versatility of the app helps you to drag and drop content as per your wish. This app contains ample amount of editing tools and effects that can help the user edit already stored video or even editing videos made on the spot. KineMaster comes with a large variety of themes, animations, visual and audio effects from which one can choose and edit the video in any desired form.
  • Developer- NexStreaming corp.

Price- Free

VivaVideo: Free Video Editor

  • This is considered to be one of the most popular video editing apps that includes professional editing features and easy to handle.
  • It allows one to merge or even trim existing videos. It comes with some more enhancing features like adding stickers, texts, FX, music, filters and what not. All the cutting/editing can be instantly previewed before finalizing it.
  • Developer- Free Video Editor

Price- Free

VideoShow: Video editor & Maker

  • This app brings in a whole set of amazing features that can help one in editing videos. The best part is that the user can edit endless videos exclusive of any watermarks. The makers of this app believe in minimum efforts and maximum outputs.
  • Developer- EnjoyMobi Creative Studio

Price- Free


VidTrim Video Editor

  • A multitasking app on Android platform that is capable of doing all sorts of video editing like- merging, frame grabbing, extract audio (conversion to MP3), trimming etc. For all the social butterflies this app allows you to share your edited pictures with your friends directly. A full version of this app is loaded with enormous amount of features.
  • Developer- Goseet

Price- Free

video editing apps

WeVideo- Video Editor & Maker

  • With the help of this app the user can edit videos with the flow. Creating wonderful movies, photo stories, slide show is all what this app helps you with. What makes this app special is its feature of trimming or adding multiple clips and images to the task. It has some in built ready to use themes that are user friendly.
  • Developer- WeVideo Inc.

Price- Free

Magisto Video Editor And Maker

  • This app is an automatic app that edits your photos and video clips and converts them into movies with music, graphics and effects all of your choice. This app is to the rescue for all the people not knowing how to edit the videos but is willing to do so. To use this app one does not have to be a pro in the act of video editing. Magisto will analyse and help you create a professional looking video.
  • Developer- Magisto Video Editor

Price- Free

There are some more amazing and probably one of the best video editing apps for android. Check them out for an incredible video editing experience on Android.

There are thousands of apps  such as health and fitness apps on Android but the above mentioned ones are highly popular and the best part is that these are absolutely free. Try them and I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

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