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Why Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Storage is a deadly combination?

Present era is definitely an era of technological advancements and upliftments. We all are witnessing a tremendous growth in the IT sector where emphasis has been laid down on making machines smarter and intelligent just like humans. You have often heard about an interesting and popular term “Artificial Intelligence”. Most of the big IT companies in both India and USA are working on this technology. So, what this technology is all about and why it is gaining so much attention among the IT enthusiastic?

We have decided to cover this topic in this so that our valuable readers will come to know about the benefits of this technology. Furthermore, we will also elaborate that why the combination of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Storage is a deadly combination that is producing Thousands of new jobs every year in the IT sector. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is basically a leading advancement in the technological upliftments of this decade where machines are made to learn things by themselves just like human beings by collecting and analyzing the data based on different experiences.

In simple words, AI technology is designed to make machines more intelligent and smarter just like humans. To implement AI, another very important term known as Machine Learning which is a core part of AI needs to be understood.

In Machine learning, data from various categories is collected and then analyzed to get some useful information. Billions of Gigabytes of data is collected on the daily basis and then analyzed to get some relevant data for the machine. For example, if a hacker attacks on a machine and the machine is unable to defend that attack, then a change in the working algorithm of the machine is made by analyzing the data from other places will help to defend that attack automatically from the next time.

Now, it is really very important to understand that the change in algorithm is made by the experience of other machine that has successfully defended that attack. This data is collectively taken from the data inputs from cloud storages. Though it is really very hard to realize both Machine Learning and AI because of the requirement of a continuous change in the working algorithms. But that doesn’t enough to stop the people who are on these projects.

Complex algorithms are designed from the data inputs and applied on the machines to realize AI. Machines will simply learn things from the experiences and observations they made on regular basis. Many different areas like Speech recognition, Computer Vision and Symbolic learning, Robotics are parts of AI which are pretty much complex and hard to implement. 

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage is another very important aspect of AI and ML which is used to store Millions of Gigabytes of data online. The collected data from online Cloud storage can be fetched anytime when it is required.

As we already mentioned above, there is a need of huge input data to make machines intelligent and smarter just like humans. That’s why Cloud Storage becomes an integral part of this technological advancement.

Most of the data gathered from online resources is stored directly in the cloud data storage space or servers from where it can be retrieved easily without any use of physical hard drives. This directly makes management of data and implementation of AI much easier by eliminating the use of physical storage devices.

There are a number of countless advantages of using Cloud Data Storage space and we strongly believe that it would make the implementation of AI more effective.

Why this combination is Deadly?

After learning both the concepts separately, now we will explain you why this combination of AI and cloud storage is effective?

Here the most important thing to understand is that there is a need of continuous data input from different resources for AI. All these data inputs are manipulated and analyzed to get the relevant data useful for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. That’s why, both of these are integrated to make sure that the data processing of the inputs is done precisely and effectively. This combination is proving itself to be very beneficial for the businesses that requires AI solutions for marketing and leads purpose.

Leading tech giant companies like Microsoft, IBM and Google has created their own personalized AI clouds that are helping themselves to store Millions of Gigabytes of data at one place for its processing and analyzation. Moreover, Annual reports have confirmed that combining both AI and Cloud Storage technology has given them a boost for expanding their businesses.

AI based machines are performing pretty much effectively and efficiently in terms of every aspect. For an instance, AI based educational tablets can take the help of Cloud storage to retrieve the previous educations research work to help the students in more effective manner. Furthermore, using Cloud for implementing AI in the Health sector is also very influential as Doctors can now view Millions of similar cases if the data is present in the Intelligent Cloud.

There are boundless capabilities of both AI and Cloud storage that is responsible for making it a deadly combination. From a basic level of intelligence of Machine to make it as smart as humans was not an easy task. But after the introduction of Cloud storage in this context, it has been made possible very precisely.

Conclusion: There is no doubt that there is a huge potential in the combination of AI and Cloud Storage to deliver magnificent results to the users in for the betterment of technology. Moreover, Thousands of brains are working behind the curtains to make this combination more powerful, effective and deadly. Devices like Amazon Alexa or Virtual Assistants like Microsoft Cortana and iPhone Siri are very simplest scenarios of the implementation of AI that are having their importance in our daily life.

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