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7 Effective Ways to ensure maximum online safety

One of the largely debated topics on the web is Online Safety. Despite the fact that investigators are coming up with new ways to ensure a safer web space, breaches still take place. However, it is not impossible to get a safer life online. Here are to your rescue some guidelines that one can follow for a safe browsing.

Choose Sturdy Passwords for Maximum Online Safety

A key element to the online access is one’s password. Sturdy the password the greater will be the protection. Using a name or phone numbers as passwords is not suggestible. Passwords that are easy to figure out should not be chosen. An ideal password is a combination of letters, number, and other permitted characters. Use of upper case and lower case is considered an important factor while choosing a password. And finally not revealing your passwords to other people helps you stay safe.

Use of 2-Factor Authentication

Also known as two step verification this type of authentication adds a protection layer to one’s online account. After getting registered an OTP is sent via the SMS each time one enters the correct password. The pin is then needed to login to the page to have access to the account. 2- Factor authentication is available with all major online service providers.

A Safer Browser

The most common route taken by cyber criminals to exploit or rob confidential information is through one’s browser. Updating the browser on regular basis is the only way out. One should always use renowned browsers like Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

Beware of Scams

Entering essential information into unknown sites can be dangerous. Fraudulent sites have similar names and page designs but are of different domains. Careful scanning of these sites will bring out slight differences in the real and fake ones.

Use Security Software

Getting branded security software is another way of getting safer. Software like McAfee, Avira, Kaspersky, AVG, Symantec etc provide both offline and online security. These sites are globally approved to recognise sites whether they play safe or not!

Use of VPN

VPN is a Virtual Private Network that allows you to have a private internet browsing. Your online activities can be influenced by some unwanted parties leading to disclosure of personal information. Having a VPN gives you a secured access to internet and conceals all private and personal information.

 Encrypt your Cloud Files

Cloud storage has gained huge attention and popularity among the internet community. Saving one’s data on the cloud storage and getting access to it from anywhere and everywhere has greatly increased the convenience level especially for people who travel. This ease should not be taken lightly.

Your cloud account and its files must be taken care of by enhancing the security through encrypting apps like Cloud flogger, Boxcryptor etc.

Safe internet browsing has become essential as well as necessary in today’s era where hacking and performing internet frauds are no big deal for people. Online crime rates are increasing exponentially. By using the above stated prevention methods you can be at ease with your personal information online.

Never compromise with online safety and Stay Safe!

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