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How to Make Laptop Battery Last Longer?

How to make laptop battery last longer? Here is the correct answer to this most important question:

Does your laptop battery doze off when you need it the most? Well, that is the story with all the laptops these days. Nowadays laptops don’t come with a very powerful battery backup and therefore people tend to get stuck in the middle of their important meetings, projects and urgent work just because the laptop’s battery doesn’t last longer. The moment you unplug the laptops from the charging point their battery starts to sink at a rate unimaginable!

There is a solution to every problem and so, here we present to you some power saving methods for your laptops that will definitely help you increase the battery life of your device.

Switch ON to Saver Mode or Eco Mode

  • The first thing you should try in order to elongate your laptop’s battery is putting it on saver mode. This will automatically make changes in the device’s settings which in turn will help save the battery. While most of the laptop settings are adjusted there are some things that the user might have to do on his own like; closing the unnecessary apps, shutting down windows that are not needed and everything else that take up a huge chunk of the battery.

Dim the Screen

  • Just like the mobile phones, a way to power saving in laptops is to dim its screen brightness. The only thing that takes up almost all the battery is the large LCD or LED screens that the laptops come with. Due to their high resolution and great pixels they tend to take more power and therefore by reducing the brightness of the screen it is possible that the device consumes less power and lasts longer.


  • When low on the laptop battery, it is advisable to simplify the work that one does on it. Multitasking is appreciated only when the power of the device is full or sufficient. Opening battery draining apps and opening various windows at the same time will not help in the situation where the device has low battery. People need to simplify their work in such situations and close additional programs. Some have a habit of listening to music while working on their laptops well, their devices would take up less power if they listen to the already stored music instead of using WI-FI or in some situations use radio.

Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

  • When not in use one should disable the wi-fi and Bluetooth as, these are the ones that take up a huge chunk of the battery. People not knowingly forget to turn off their radio options even when not in use due to which they are left with no power for important and urgent things. Usually laptops are provided with key combinations to turn on or off the radio apps.

Do Not Permanent Charge your Laptop

  • People tend to leave their laptops to charge for hours and hours which in turn degrades the life of the laptop’s battery. Generally all the newly purchased laptops come with lithium battery that do not allow over charging but it is not considered healthy for the device in long run. One can keep the charger plugged to the socket and switch it on or off as and when required.

Turning OFF Apps and Processes

  • Draining of battery is not just the task of the hardware i.e. the screen brightness and keyboard lights but also the task of the programs running on the laptop which is the software. Multiple running apps and processes generally chew up the battery of the laptops are very high pace. A regular check on the system tray is important to keep a track on which apps are running out of which those that are not important can be turned off.

Get a Second Battery

  • If one does not want to get into the complexities of laptop settings they can opt for buying a second battery. It is quite possible the second battery purchased gives you more battery backup than the original one. It is recommended for people who travel more and cannot just find a charging plug wherever they go to, have a second battery with them which will be helpful to complete important and urgent work even when travelling.

Managing Memory

  • Memory in here refers to the internet browsing history that we have stored in the laptop unknowingly. We often search for a lot of things on the internet and do not clear the search history well; it will be interesting to note that those are semi opened pages that take up more power when the wifi is switched on. It is very important to timely clean that memory in order to reduce the amount of power consumed.

Disable Unused Ports and Devices

  • Each and every device that is connected to the laptop takes up power. Be it the USB, external drive or anything else. The unneeded peripherals are the biggest power hogs some of which are wi-fi, Bluetooth, USB ports etc. it is important to check that none of the devices that you disconnect are in use or else important work that is been carried out can be interrupted.

Internal Graphics

  • In order to reduce the amount of power that the laptop battery consumes one must switch on to the internal graphics and powerful graphic chips should be used only while playing games or running any important or demanding applications. Some laptops come with an option of switching manually between graphic chips in case of Bluetooth and wi-fi.

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Upgrade to SSD (Solid State Drive)

  • Using a SSD is way better than the traditional hard drive use by people in their laptops. SSD takes up less battery as compared to the hard disk and is also better in terms of efficiency. It is comparatively small in structure than the drives and not to forget power friendly

These simple tricks if kept in mind would definitely increase the battery life of the laptop in small run and maybe sometime in the long run as well.

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