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Will iPhone 7 release date brings an end to virtual reality and other rumours?

All the unexpected are expected from the Apple iPhone 7 release date and there is quite a possibility that this time Apple brings live the virtual reality. Multiple rumours are taking rounds on whether iPhone 7 is developing a virtual reality or an augmented one.

It has been heard that the Apple is coming up with a VR headset which in turn speculated questions like what will the headset look like what features it will come with and the most important one when will it be launched?

To experience virtual reality is something we all have been eagerly waiting for since years but, the only thing that prevents it, is the limitations that it comes with. Numerous technological advancements in VR and other gadgets have been recorded and products with such advancements are already hitting the stores. Big giants like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Samsung etc. are working their skills on such virtual reality products.

Virtual Reality is the latest In-Thing these days

  • The idea of iPhone 7 will be all about making the virtual world real. The device will come with virtual instruments which are headsets worn like glasses and inside the VR headset are the screen that displays 3D image which moves accordingly. This instrument gives you a real experience of the virtual world.
  • Recently Apple came up with a unique job listing especially for engineers who have got experience in handling 3D graphics app development and virtual reality. But the job posting was removed quite quickly; however it looked as if the company is looking for developers to come up with unique and high quality apps that generate high performance and integrate with VR systems for user testing.
  • Now, Apple is hiring top notch development experts for its virtual reality project that includes an engineer from Microsoft. He has worked on the audio hardware capacity and Apple hired another person from the same company – Microsoft. This expert was focusing on exceptional machine learning technology which is based on human activity recognition with all the knowledge he had from the previous experiences.
  • A recent report suggests that the company has managed to develop a virtual reality prototype, which is being tested in secrecy so that no speculations are generated.

Apart from the above said rumours, there is a strong chance that iPhone 7 design will be similar to iPhone 6S but will be more sleek and polished.

Company wants to reduce the impact of electromagnetic waves

  • The wonderful features that will come up when Apple infuses with the virtual reality are beyond anyone’s imagination. The company is placing all the focus on interference free iPhone and therefore taking steps to reduce the impact of electromagnetic waves on the iPhone.
  • In accordance with the rumours the upcoming iPhone will be waterproof as well; this will take place due to the fact that the company is placing LCD modules that can operate even when the customers have wet fingers. According to the market speculations iphone 7 release date is coming near and all these features may soon become reality.

Rumors that might become true

  • Apple is also coming up with a new 4 inches smart phone which brings the people more close to the virtual world. Although it is a small package but is definitely comes with a big punch powered by Apple’s A9 and M9 processor and NFC chip for Apple play is the cherry on the cake. Well, this phone has the oomph factor and more features than iPhone 6 without the big screen which is generally a problem to some.

Talking about the camera quality a 12 mega pixel sensor would work in a traditional way which in turn will allow taking images at a standard focal length, while the other 12 mega pixel will take a picture which is 3 times zoomed. This will for sure develop the systems to develop by scanning real world objects into the virtual world.

  • The dual camera is the first step the company will take towards making a virtual world. The virtual and augmented realities are similar looking different terms when it comes to display technology.
  • One of Apple’s biggest and most speculated and talked acquisitions was in 2013 when the company bought PrimeSense, which is a huge amount of money to buy a company for technology that might not be used, in our opinion anyway.
  • If we talk about iPhone 7 price then latest rumours suggest that Apple might keep the price below $1000. One of the main reasons behind keeping this price tag is the recent release of iPhone. Recent reports suggest that this phone has received a mediocre response in the US and Europe and Apple really want people to buy more and more iPhone 7 phones.

With all the technological progressions taking place in the company one cannot just expect anything from the upcoming Apple device but, it is sure that the device will move everybody to a virtual world in a sense that no one could have ever thought of.

September, 2016! Here we come! The most anticipated iPhone 7 release date!



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