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Do you know about these incredible iOS 9 tips?

iOS 9 has come with new and enhanced features which has boosted the performance of Apple’s devices. These new features allow the user to complete tasks smartly. Let’s have a look at some of the iOS 9 tips which will help you to operate your iPhone smartly.

New features are added in Siri

  • Apple’s new operating system has brought some mind boggling features for Siri. A user can now use Siri and obtain accurate results. So, now give a voice command to your smart phone and get the job done. Even if your smart phone is on charging, then also it will follow your command if you are running the voice short cut.

Your device is now more secure

  • This new operating system has definitely strengthened the safety of Apple devices. In the earlier versions of Apple’s operating system, a user can set a pass-code of only 4 characters which could be cracked easily. This new update allows the users to set a 6 digit pass code which makes it difficult for hackers to crack the code.
  • If you are still using the 4 digit pass-code even after updating to the latest operating system, then go to settings and change the pass-code. This time you have to set up a 6 digit pass-code.

Utilize slide over mode

  • Slide over mode allows the user to access multiple apps by just sliding a finger over the screen. This feature is only available in iPad which supports the latest operating system. This mode is quite useful as you can quickly switch between different apps and get the task done in fraction of second.

Access apps from home screen

  • iOS 9 allows the users to access several and best iOS apps directly from the home screen. A user can access news app, weather app and other useful apps directly from the home screen. A user do not need to install any third applications for getting news or weather updates as Apple’s new update has inbuilt applications for news and weather which are much better than any third party application.

Memory is not a problem any more

  • Apple’s devices do not support external storage which has been considered as a drawback in Apple’s devices. The new operating system has come up with new cloud storage app which has resolved the issue of memory space. A user can store his data in the new cloud storage app and get access to his data anywhere at any time.

Save your selfies in ‘selfie’ folder

  • The camera quality of iPhone is far better than any other smart phone. Because of this user loves to take selfies. The new operating system has introduced two new folders to store your precious moments. You can store your selfies in the selfie folder and other photos in another folder.

These are some of the useful tips for iOS 9 operating system which provides maximum benefits to the Apple smart phone users. So, upgrade your device to iOS 9 if it is compatible and use these tips for faster transactions.With these incredible iOS 9 tips, you can really get amazing performance from your device and enjoy a smooth operation.

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