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Expect the Unexpected from Apple Iphone 7

Here comes the iPhone 7 that you have been waiting for! Apple iPhone has always been a topic of speculation in the market; be it the first time apple launched its first iPhone model or be it the last phone launch i.e. apple iPhone 6s. The company is well established and has developed a high customer loyalty in the market through the range of services that it provides. With every introduction of a new phone,  Apple is setting a high standard which is why the customers tend to expect the unexpected from the Apple manufacturers.

The most recent buzz amongst the users and technology enthusiasts is about the Apple iPhone7 which is expected to be announced in late march. As of now the rumors are takings rounds about the yet to be launched device. Some experts are of the opinion the iPhone7 will be similar to the Apple iPhone 6s and 6s plus except for the changes in body dimensions, screen resolution etc. Here are some of the most popular beliefs that the Apple iPhone7 is related with.

iPhone 7 Size and Design

  • There is a speculation that the iPhone 7 will support a much thinner look whereas the design will be similar to the iPhone6 and 6s. The thickness of the phone is rumored to be 6mm or 6.5mm which is thinner than the iPhone6 which was about 7.1mm thick. This brings us to the fact that this new piece of technology will be more delicate than the rest.
  • Bringing a much thinner phone to the market gets the attention to the fact that the battery will be less powerful but in contrary there are phones in the market that match to the nearness of this thickness.


  • Apple has always been known to respect the privacy of its users and in some ways tried to work towards it. As heard Apple is trying to encrypt the data stored by the users in the icloud in order to provide more layers of protection to the iPhone users. Reportedly the Apple engineers are working on new security measures in order to improve the safety, which will soon be found in the iPhone. Moreover, it will come up with updated iOS apps and operating system.


  • The most awaited as well as rumoured part of the Apple iphone7 is its display. A spherical display or a curved display is being expected which will be high scratch and shatter resistant as compared to the other curved phones in the market.
  • Presently the iphones come with a LED and LCD backup light but iPhone 7 has been speculated to come with an OLED display which would be a lot mesmerising and will definitely rise the bar for screen resolutions.

Camera and Battery

  • As reported Apple is increasing the camera quality of the iPhone7 from 8mp in iPhone 6 to 12mp and a boosting front facing camera for iPhone7. This will prove out to be a huge boon for the photographers and all the people who buy iphones just because of the camera quality provided by the manufactures.
  • Some people claim that the lens of the camera for iPhone7 will be comparatively bigger which will facilitate better pictures. As for the battery is concern no news as of now have been reported but it is expected that the manufactures bring about some improvement in the battery life of iphones which is a constant problem faced by the iPhone users.

Plug-in Connections

  • Well known by all that the iPhone does not support the normal USB jack instead, it supports the 3.5mm headphone jack. IPhone 7 is speculated to come with an all in one lightening connector and in place of the previous charging jack, the manufactures will provide with secondary speakers.
  • The analysts also countered recent rumors which suggest that the iPhone 7 would have dynamic noise cancellation, and that it will use a digital codec instead.


  • The iPhone 6S exhibits a ravishing speed of A9, 64-bit dual-core processor, with improved Wi-Fi antennas and the touch ID sensor is unbelievable. An A10 chip powering the iPhone 7 is expected which would continue the legacy. Just as the 6S and 6S Plus experienced the jump in RAM from 1GB to 2GB, it’s quite predictable to see an iPhone 7 that comes with 4GB of RAM.

iPhone 7 Price

  • Apple is well known for the high prices that it keeps for its products, be it iPhone, i Mac, iPod or anything else. The iPhone 7 is also assumed to join the league and is rumoured to be highly priced considering all the new and better features that it is going to come with. The iPhone 7 is expected to come with a set of new and highly improved advancements be it battery capacity, camera quality, storage, structure etc. and therefore the price will surely be of high standards.

The launch of iPhone 7 will bring about a huge change in the way people use their phones. A lot of technological advancements are expected from this piece in particular.

iPhone 7 Release Date

  • Though the iPhone 7 release date has not been finalised yet but if latest rumours are to be believed it is expected that it will be released during September 2016. Its previous versions were also launched during September month and this time also there is a lot of speculation that September 2016 will witness the launch of this amazing phone.



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