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How to Kill Time During Coronavirus Lockdown?

Hello my dear Hubtechinfo community friends. Hope you all are in great spirit? No, you are not. I know, because this coronavirus lockdown period is way too tough to handle.

Well, now it is not because I have bought some amazing options for you on how to kill time during coronavirus lockdown. Have a close look and try to follow as many as you can. Stay home stay safe.

Start Reading a Book

Though it sounds boring but the best part about reading a book is that you will be able to enhance your knowledge. You can easily start reading a book on your favorite topic and you will see interest building up in coming days.

It is always good to start with your favorite topic.

Have you tried installing the Amazon Prime on your smartphone?

One of the best things about Amazon Prime is that you can easily enjoy the latest web series, movies, documentaries and a lot more at a single place.

During coronavirus lockdown Amazon is offering annual subscription options at only 999 Rs per year only. Well, it is a steal deal I must say. Simply, pay 999 for an entire year and enjoy amazing this from the comfort of your home for all year around.

You can Subscribe Here and enjoy the show

Practice Yoga at the comfort of your home

Yoga as we all know is one of the best exercises that you can practice at the comfort of your home. You can search for different yoga exercises on YouTube and follow them one after one. But make sure to seek professional advice before starting as some of the exercises require you to be flexible. However, you can do breathing and some simple exercises right away after watching the procedure on YouTube channels. It can prove to be one of the best activities to Kill Time During Coronavirus Lockdown and also helps in staying healthy.

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