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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools You Must Use

In today’s time social media marketing has emerged to be an essential element for all businessmen who need to market their product. Over time there has been an incredible increase in the social media marketing done by the manufacturers but, it is important to note that where everyone is into social media marketing there are very few people who do it efficiently. It is very important to know about all marketing tools and then select carefully otherwise a lot of time and resources are spent and the results are minimal.

Here are the top 10 social media marketing tools that are efficient enough to be pondered over.

  1. Google Analytics

Google analytics provides the user with the most valuable information and is a very efficient social media marketing tool which provides with all the necessary summary of the emails and data. It is also termed as a statistical source for convenience and convert. Despite the fact that this tool is free, Google keeps improving the functionality of this tool. You can check important data such as source traffic, real time traffic and much more with Google Analytics.

  1. Facebook Planner

Facebook offers a valuable tool in the form of Facebook planner that provides the user with a dashboard which helps to manage and enhance the activities performed on the site efficiently. With the help of this tool the user is able to access the most viral posts on face book, not only which it also provides with an entire list of status ideas and allows you to schedule updates in advance.

  1. Buffer

Buffer is a tool generally used for sharing and scheduling posts on different social networking sites be it Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc. It includes detailed analytics that makes it a user friendly tool. The most amazing thing is the buffer facility that allows one to buffer and share any webpage, photo and even a text.

  1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is the most efficient tool when it comes to searching of the most popular content on the internet. Basically one can use this tool in 2 best possible manners out of which one is to keep an eye on the competitors to see their strategies and plans. This information is available by just entering the company’s name in the search box and the list of most popular content is available. The second thing is that one can thereafter share the discovered content which will be available to your existing followers.

  1. ShutterStock

Shutterstock is used by people when they demand a higher grade of photo or more precise searching of things. This tool is designed specifically for pictures where is easy to search, upload or edit pictures with great ease.

  1. Onalytica

This is a vast tool which not only allows the user to put the name in the search engine but also enables to upload a file, blog, post or link to the engine which further scans the content to determine the theme to give honest opinions that may attract your followers or users. This tool is more of a promotional tool that helps to build followers.

  1. Follow Wonk

This tool is limited to the social network Twitter where it helps to analyze your followers on Twitter and study their behaviour which in turn gives you insights about how to engage with them better and ways to keep them all interested and influenced. Follow Wonk belongs to the category of social media marketing tools for small business which comes with multiple features.

  1. ViralHeat

This is a standard tool used by major social networks that provides publishing options and analytics that have been carried out in depth. It has a very strong financial back and has been used by many global companies in the preceding years. The tool uses its own method of rank following with the help of algorithms in order to provide and facilitate you with the information regarding the value of your social profile. This information can be used to influence the top followers who are brand loyal and act as brand advocates.

  1. Circloscope

This tool is primarily made for the Google +. The main function of Google + is to group connections into different circles in order to keep the professional content separate from the private content and therefore the main idea behind Google + is ‘circles’. Circloscope has number of functions and features which are directed towards the main aim of connecting with the right people for marketing purposes. It finds the most powerful members of the community, finding out the most and least active members on Google + and add people who have interacted with a specific post.

  1. Inkybee

This particular tool helps you to search for the top bloggers on all major social networking sites. Usually the aim is to connect with the influencers and establish with them a relationship because they are a big part of the reliable social media marketing strategies. Out of this finding the right influencers are the most difficult task and a lot tricky, this is where tools like inkybee are helpful and prove out to be efficient.

Following these top 10 social media marketing tools can be of great help to the people who need to market their product. Only because social media is a vast platform for marketing it is very important to perform a prior study about all the tools and then careful selection of tools which the person thinks will prove out to be best for him.

If used correctly these tools can generate higher marketing opportunities but, if not used properly the results can be damaging and worse. Some people hire experts who can give those opinions on which marketing tool to use and which not to use based on their experiences and logical reasoning behind every action taken. The above mentioned online social media marketing tools 2016 can help you run your online marketing campaign like a pro. Try them and you will thank us!



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