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8 Mobile Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2016

Mobile marketing is turning out be the next big thing these days. Though a small device, mobile phones today bear the whole world in them. Be it clicking pictures, sending emails, video chatting, using GPS or even getting things at your door step. These phones can do anything and everything that this human race could ever imagine. Largely because of all the mesmerizing features offered, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives.

The work, communication, playing or socializing, technology has achieved great heights. Over- digitalization now seems to be a small word for this generation of smartness that this phone brings with it. Due to this over dependency and profoundness in people for more advancement in technology, new opportunities have been created. Even the marketing gurus are creating mobile marketing strategies for small businesses so that the overall business and volume can increase.

People today need quick and easy information on their finger tips for e.g. searching for locations, online booking of things, and most importantly being active on the social media. Looking into all these aspects the marketers or the business people will have to make their approach more flexible in order to deliver the desired content to the users.

Here are 8 mobile marketing trends or we can say that best mobile marketing tips that you will see being followed in a great way.

  1. Customer-Oriented Approach

Very rightly said -‘customer is the king’. Catering to the needs of the customers is the foremost duty of the marketers. All the activities and work done by the marketers are directed towards the customer well being and customer satisfaction. This involves deep study of the customer behaviour towards the use of his/her mobile i.e. the no. of times a customer picks up the phone, purpose for which the customer picks the phone, and the frequency of sites visited by him.

All these constitute the customer’s mobile habits. Thus, a businessman should never neglect his customers and must always be in a friendly and interactive zone with them, which in turn will help them create great experiences.

  1. Intimate Social Networking

People these days socialize a lot and social networking is like air to them. Irrespective of the age limit all people today use social media extensively. Everyone enjoys being on the social media apart from the fact that everyone also loves their privacy.

In short people look forward to intimate social networking. This obviously means that the marketers will have to come up with more innovative features that help people conceal their private information and at the same time enjoy using the social media apps. They have to make sure that latest social media marketing strategies are followed so that exceptional results can be achieved.

  1. Video Advertisement

Constant changes and innovations are likely to occur in the auto play ads in the coming year. Video ads are already common to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The most important element that the marketers are concerned with is the engagement metrics of such ads, for e.g. click-through rates, view lengths, post view reactions and actions and so on. If you want to master this strategy then consider video advertisement as one of hte most important online mobile marketing tips 2016.

Day by day these video ads are gaining a lot of popularity as a result of which agencies and businesses have already started planning to capture the marketing benefits. With time advertisements have passed on from the T.V screens to the mobile screens and have excelled in it as well.

  1. Augmented and Virtual Reality Market

2016 is sure to experience some of the most innovative technologies of time in terms of virtual and augmented reality. These are usually aimed to enhance the gaming experience, but in the coming year this experience would be exhibited for all. Some of the industries like hospitality, sports, real estate and entertainment will largely benefit from the AR and VR.

  1. Shoppable Video

Android and iOS are making improvements constantly to the field of shoppable video which is not a new concept but the recent improvements will make the experience all over a better one. Many retailers have already engaged themselves in the making of these shoppable videos by creating videos that have already engaged the consumers with a large portion of their time.

  1. E-Commerce Integration

The most awaited thing to look up to in 2016 will be the creative integration of the eCommerce with the social media. Social media can turn out to be a great platform to discover new products; surprisingly some of them have even started experimenting with easy purchase options. The already practising sites of this integration are Pinterest and Instagram.

  1. Mobile Marketing Automation

In 2016 the marketers will have to come up with new strategies relating to connection with the customers due to the mobile market having a global growth. Automation helps the businessmen to read and record the customer behaviour with the help of personalized messages that in turn encourages loyalty.

  1. Increasing Security Standards

With the increased use of mobile phones and social networking the issue of security has also become big. The marketers will have to study their customer’s security needs and act accordingly to cater to their needs.

To sum it up all a marketer main focus should be to approach their target audience when they are ready to engage, interrupting the users can bring about frustrating feelings in them.



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